Wednesday, 23 July 2014

San Diego Comic Con Reveals: Preview Night!

I may not be able to attend San Diego Comic Con myself, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can all at least see what awesome things Mattel has in store for us! Over the course of the nest few days, we'll be seeing some reveals from Monster High and Ever After High, and probably some other toy companies too, and I know I'll be hanging on eagerly to see!

I thought I'd share some of the photos as they turn up, and we may as well start now! None of these photos belong to me, so make sure to check out the blogs of those I credit!

It all started on the Monster High Facebook page with this photo, and this teaser: “This scare-cute couple will have you screaming que fangtastique! Sneak back soon for another lurk inside the coffin at these terrorific transfer students! #SDCC2014″

Click through to find out who they are, and to see more!

Next up, the Monster High Twitter got in on the teasing action, posting this: Nothing says "made for each other" like coordinating accessories! Come back soon for a reveal!

And this photo:

I think we all knew who we were looking at at this point, but it didn't take long for Garrett Sander himself of Monster High to confirm on Instagram, that we were looking at a "Scarisian Vacation" two-pack of Rochelle Goyle and Garott DuRoque!

The following photos are all credited to MHInsider on Tumblr, which is an incredibly helpful blog you should definitely check out!

I have to say, I am LOVING the look of this set! Garrott has been a doll that fans have long wanted to see, so I'm glad that not only is he finally making an appearance, but he's looking fabulous! I love his hair, and that jacket is to die for! I'm also totally loving the switch up in Rochelle's hair, with all that gorgeous mint green! Definitely a must-have! We can also see in these photos that this set is going to be a Toys R Us exclusive, following the path of the Picnic Casket set. I wonder if we'll continue to see these date-style sets of ghouls and their mansters? I like it, so I hope we do!

The next set revealed is one that a lot of people will probably be excited for, but something that I'll most likely be skipping. It's a Wolf family 4-pack! Looks like it's a family photo theme, with all of them in those matching stripes. Again, photos credited to MHInsider.

I already have the entire Wolf family represented in my collection, so I'll probably pass on this set, but I do like Clawdia a lot here! Her makeup is a bit more subdued than her previous release and her outfit is the cutest of the bunch! This is going to be this years Wal-Mart exclusive. 

Next up, we've got another two pack, this time one called Ghoul Chat. We've seen blurry photos of a catalogue of this set, so it's awesome to see it "in person", as it were. Again, thanks to MHInsider for the photos!

Rochelle and Catrine are both too cute in their pastel colours, and I love the handsets that hook into their ICoffins! Such a cute idea. This set is a K-Mart exclusive, which means if I do want it, I'll have to enlist the help of others, since we don't have K-Mart's up here in the great white north. I think I'll probably be able to pass on it though, but that Rochelle is especially nice, in my opinion. Looks like Rochelle has a good year ahead, actually!

Next up, we have the next wave of Coffin Bean dolls! This is another line that doesn't really make it to Canada thanks to be an "alt channel" line, but these dolls have some very cute details!

Not sure how I feel about Robecca in bangs, but Twlya's romper is very cute! And I'm digging Venus with curls! Again, thanks to MHInsider for the photos!

Next up, we have the continuation of the Justice exclusive swim line, featuring Jinafire, Clawdeen and Spectra. We saw promo shots of these just a few days ago, but the real dolls always look a bit different.

I think Jina is my favourite of these, followed by Spectra, but honestly, I rarely picked up swim dolls. They just don't ring my bell, as cute as these are!

And finally from MHInsider, we got photos that aren't really reveals, but are still great photos!

A gorgeous shot of TRUxclusive I Love Fashion Wydowna!

And a nice overview of the case, with SDCC exclusives Manny and Iris right in the centre!

Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to get my hands on those two, at least for awhile, but aren't they cute? Look how absolutely HUGE Manny is!

That's basically it for Monster High, for now anyways, but there was at least one new doll seen over at Ever After High tonight as well! Thanks to blueeyeslikethesea on Tumblr, we got a good look at Ms Lizzie Hearts!

She doesn't quite look like I'd imagined her, but she is very cool. It looks to me like she's on the short body, and for some reason I really love short dolls! I do want to fluff up her hair a little bit though!

And finally, not really a reveal, but a great photo of the SDCC exclusive Cerise Wolf from Ever After High on Facebook!

So that's what we saw today on Preview Night at SDCC! We'll be seeing more dolls revealed throughout the weekend from both Monster High and Ever After High, so check back here to keep up with the news!

I have no source for this photo, so please let me know if it's yours!
I know that I am personally VERY curious about that tiny coffin there on the end! What could it be?

Who's your favourite of the reveals so far? Is there anything you're hoping to see from either Monster High or Ever After High? I know I'm hoping to see Lorna McNessie revealed at MH, I've been dying to see her since her name was trademarked! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Oh goodness, where to even begin? Garrot. GARROT. GARROT IS HERE HE IS REAL MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE. I love his jacket. I love his scarf. I love his hair. I love his shoes. I love his beautifully serene expression. He is the best male doll to ever have been concieved by the MH team, hands down no question. That the Rochelle that comes with him has absolutely beautiful hair and a ridiculously cute outfit is just a bonus.

    I do like the 4 Pack, surprisingly enough. I've been through enough family photos to know the pain. XD I've got sweaters that are almost an exact match for Howleen, albiet longer, so she's nearest and dearest to my heart. Clawdia comes in an outfit any of my female sisters and cousins could pull of, and she looks so natural and sunshiney doing it, too. Not much to say about Clawd, apart from the fact that he is a Clawd and I have yet to even see one in person, but his rocker hand mold is great! Clawdeen probably looks the shabbiest out of all of them- proof I guess that she simply pulls of a fierce look best. (Also, is her display doll the most cross-eyed thing ever or what? XD) I am not sure I'll get the pack - I need to save money for everything else! but liking three out of four isn't such a bad deal.

    Ghoul Chat is cutesy and such a great soft look for both of them, but likewise I think I'll pass. There's something about Catrine that really gets me though - even though all three of her dolls are rather similar, I adore each and every one of them. And this is coming from a person who throroughly dislikes wearing pastel colours in real life!

    Out of the budget dolls I do adore Coffin Bean Venus and Swim Class Spectra most. I'm waiting to see whether or nor Spectra has blue streaks in her hair - if she does, she is an insta-buy for me. Dolls with new colours in their hair are my absolute worst weakness. ;-; Venus has beautiful curls and that tumbler reminds me of something out of a biology lab, though I'd be hard pressed to say why I feel that way.

    Can't wait to see what they reveal tommorrow! I hope it's new characters for the inevitable upcoming movie in fall, although I doubt they'd show off things for the new movie when the last one hasn't even aired yet. Did Honey and Clawdia get revealed after 13 Wishes came out or before, do you remember?

    1. Garrott really is amazing! His outfit and proves that Mattel can really do it right when they try. It reminds me of some of the earliest boy dolls like Forbitten Love Clawd or basic Jackson in terms of the detail and the number of pieces, I wish we'd see boys like this more often! This set is definitely a must-have for me, and I've never been one of the people clamouring for a Garrott doll!

      The 4 pack IS cute and I love the family photo theme! But I don't love the Clawdeen, and I love the Howleen and Clawd I already have, so I think I'll be able to pass. If someone sells Clawdia on her own OR just her outfit, I might be tempted to pick that up though! The big girls can always use more clothing options! And yes, that Clawdeen is the most cross-eyed ever, even official display dolls aren't immune to wonk eye haha.

      I don't like pastels on myself either, but I do happen to love them on my dolls. This is another set where I might buy the outfits if someone was selling them...the dolls are very cute, but I'm trying to figure out how to limit my collection's growth and this set is definitely not a must have. Convenient since we don't have K-Mart's here!

      I'm pretty sure the promo shots we saw showed blue streaks in Spectra's hair! I hope so, because I love new colours in their hair too. Actual it occurs to me, that with the exception of Roller Maze Ghoulia has never had new colours in her hair before Sweet Screams so that makes me even more excited for that!

      I'm pretty sure Honey and Clawdia were revealed at the last SDCC, so that would have been before 13 Wishes came out, right? I definitely want to see new characters though!