Saturday, 26 July 2014

San Diego Comic Con Reveals: The big one, Saturday!

After yesterday, I was really hoping that today's reveal would be something AMAZING, and I think it was!

It started this morning with a tease from Monster High on all of their social networks.

"She doesn't mean to be cryptic, but #MonsterHigh's newest student body isn't sure she's ready to reveal herself to the world! Double tap to show her some love and convince her to finally surface from the dark waters! #SDCC2014"

Anyone else know who this is IMMEDIATELY? Click through to find out, and to see more!

Today was the Monster High panel, and they promised to reveal lots of good stuff. Well, I think they definitely kept their promise! Thanks to MHInsider, who was at the panel, we have the following summary:

"2 trailers for Freaky Fusion, and now a trailer for the next movie - “Haunted”

It’s a Spectra movie! Looks like it features Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Twyla, Rochelle and Ghoulia.

The girls will be turned to ghosts and go to a haunted high school.

Becca is presenting Vandala Doubloons - she’s a pirate ghost. She’s very ocean and ship-wrecked themed.

Garrett presented River Styx. Daughter of the Grim Reaper. She has a candy color scheme and is very sweet.

And next is Monster Exchange - where new characters come to the school and some of MH girls go see other places. Looks like webisodes will introduce all the characters.

Lorna McNessie - daughter of the Lochness Monster. (As seen earlier via Facebook). Natalie is now presenting her doll. She’s shorter on the Howleen body but will have a longer neck.

All 3 will be added to the booth after the panel!"

So, the doll we got to see in the teaser is Lorna McNessie! I have been dying to see Lorna since we first saw her trademark, and I was pleased even after the tease. All I wanted was for her to be a redhead and to be wearing a little tam, and I got that!

Thanks to Monster High on Twitter for this full body shot of Lorna! I think the long neck is really interesting, but it might take some getting used to. I love how her outfit is based in very traditional Scottish clothing, but with a Monster High twist. Check out that sporran-inspired bag!

We also got shots of the art for Lorna, River Styx and Vandala Dubloons from riggles323 on Instagram, and I think they look pretty great in this form as well!

And check out these shots of the three new ghouls at school in the case, courtesy of mgmve!

Lorna McNessie

Vandala Dubloons

I think she's pretty cool! I love her peg leg for sure, and that big fabulous hat! I also like that her belt/chest piece thing has a big squid on the front there, very Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean!

River Styxx
And River! Very pastel for the daughter of the Grim Reaper...It seems like they often shy away from going really dark, even with characters whose parents are the definition of dark like River here and Twyla. That said, I dig the Lisa Frank neon rainbow dress, and I think her face is pretty cool. This Haunted line looks like it's going to be really well-designed and use a lot of new techniques, so that should be fun! More on that in a bit.

For more photos of these three check out blueeyeslikethesea! She's been posting great photos all weekend, and I know I appreciate it!

And I don't know if these were revealed at SDCC or not, but definitely check out this post by sharks-in-space on Tumblr, for early images of the rest of the Haunted line! There's more new characters AND Haunted versions of some old faves, so it's worth looking at! I think it looks pretty interesting actually, lots of different looking dolls which I always love! 

But wait, there's more! Check out these shots of the new Monster Exchange dolls, again thanks to sharks-in-space! I love Draculaura in Japan and Lagoona in Spain, and check out another new charater, Marisol from Monster Picchu!

There's a lot going on today, and I'd hate for anyone to miss anything, so check over at my Tumblr, Christina Articulates, where I'll be reblogging anything and everything I can find that happened today! And in the meantime, tell me in the comments who you're most looking forward to out of these new dolls! It's definitely Lorna for me, but I am not surprised about that. Isn't it amazing when a doll looks exactly like you imagined she would?


  1. Wow okay I've finally caught up with everything and for a good twenty minutes I was reduced to babbling incoherently and hugging all my family members. Ghost movie with Spectra in the lead is everything I ever needed and didn't even know I needed. And all those new ghouls (and guy)! Wow I am head over heels in love with River. Magical girl pastel goth daughter of Death himself? Sign me up! She is the cutest, sweetest thing in the world and so unexpected too. I love how MH keeps on surprising me like this. Good or bad, I like it when they make left field decisions!

    Vandala is soooo pretty and soft. Her eyes are the loveliest colour I can remember seeing an MH doll having to date- I only wish she didn't share quite so much of the same colours as Honey. But that prostetic leg is a really neat way of included a disabled character in the mix. From what little I can see of Kiyomi and Porter they look cool too; slight pastel overload, but that just means they'll look really good displayed together :p Kiyomi especially interests me if she turns out to be a noppera-bo (a Japanese ghost with no face) because the way they faded out her features while still giving her a noticable face is interesting! Can't wait to see close-ups of her. Don't even get me started on the beauty that is Haunted Twyla unless you just want to hear someone squeeling on end for five minutes non-stop.

    *takes deep breath* and Lorna? ahhhh everything on her just works so perfectly! From her hair to her outfit to her beautiful skin colour, I can tell she's going to be one popular monster. Marisol might be a little more divisive because of all the colours she's trying to get going but it is a very South American thing to be as colourful as possible so honestly not going to complain, but I will have to see better pictures of her. I do like the new skin colour as well, a nice purplish grey. At the very least, I can pretend she's the older cousin of Abbey!

    1. Ha, yes, there really was a lot to get caught up on! It all came out so fast yesterday, I could barely catch my breath; new things were coming out as I was writing this post! I really hope we get to learn about Spectra's backstory in this movie, it's always been one of the stories that's interested me the most, since there are definitely hints of tragedy in her original diary. I like River! I dig the pastels they're gone for in this Haunted line, BUT I would've loved a super dark and creepy Grim Reaper...but twisting the expected is totally what Monster High does, and I'd expect nothing less!

      I agree about Vandala and Honey's colour scheme...luckily it's a colour scheme I like, but it is a bit odd that it's SO similar. And yes! For some reason I managed to skip over the implications of her peg leg, but I think it's brilliant! MH is so good at creating characters that a lot of people can relate to in subtle ways, and this is just another example like Jane and her social anxiety, and Ghoulia for people with Asperger's or similar.

      I didn't know about that Japanese ghost you mentioned, but now I definitely hope that's what Kiyomi is inspired by! Her name certainly suggests Asian origin, doesn't it? The Haunted line is one of those that I can imagine looking gorgeous all together on a shelf. They just go together beautifully, and I can't wait to see them in person! The only one I'm not really feeling is Clawdeen...

      Lorna is PERFECT. She was the one reveal I was hoping for most at SDCC, and she did not let me down! Marisol is definitely interesting for me...I love that she's on the big body, and I get the choices of all the bright colours but it is looking a bit weird in that particular shot. I do love her furry feet though! I'm interested to see her in person, I think she's going to be one of those that's surprising in person, the bright ones often are. Although, I finally saw Clawvenus and Dracubecca in person yesterday and...Clawvenus is worse in person than I imagined haha..really not my bag!