Friday, 25 July 2014

San Diego Comic Con Reveals: Friday!

Well, I have to's reveal isn't exactly the most exciting thing I've ever seen, but in the interest of completeness, I'm going to put it up here anyways!

We got our first clue from the Monster High Twitter this morning, as usual, posting:

"We're bringing a few #MH classic looks out of the catacombs for #SDCC2014! Stay tuned for the bone chilling reveal!"

Anyone who knows their Monster High stuff should know what they're looking at here, but if not, click through to see the full reveal!

Thanks to mgmve on Tumblr, we learned that today's reveal is a 6-pack of the Original Ghouls!

Now, these dolls are definitely different from their original releases. One first glance, Lagoona's shoes and faceup are very different, and Clawdeen is missing her socks. Also, they're not going to be coming with stands, pets or diaries. Still, this will be a good way for new collectors to get these ghouls in their original outfits, and is good for kids too who may want their dolls to look the way they do in the webisodes!

Apparently Ghoulia and Lagoona are exclusive to the set, and the other four will be available separately. This set is an obvious pass for me, considering the only original ghoul I'm missing is Cleo. If they sold Ghoulia on her own I'd probably grab one, but not if I have to buy the whole pack!

What do you think of this re-release? Is it something you need to fill out your collection, or something you're happy to pass on? I wish they'd revealed something new and exciting today instead of this set, but there's always tomorrow!

(And it's starting to look like Ever After High isn't revealing anything at SDCC :( A bit odd when you consider they could be promoting the new book, the new series or the Thronecoming special but...There's still time, right?)


  1. will the separate ghouls also be online exclusives, or will they be available at stores?

    1. I believe they are all going to be online exclusives. However, I believe the first re-release was meant to be online only as well, and they were found in stores somewhere. So, we'll see, I guess!