Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Watch the Queen Conquer: A Boo York, Boo York Nefera De Nile two-for-one!

Well, I mentioned buying this doll a really long time ago, and for some reason, I've just kept pushing off her review...I'm not really sure why, because I really love her and I'm glad to have her! Sometimes I just take so long to review things that I figure everyone has already made up their minds anyways, but then I remember that I really just run this blog for myself, so hey, who cares if newer things are flooding the shelves? Nefera deserves a review! 

I actually missed out on the original Nefera doll, because I'm kind of an idiot, in retrospect. I remember seeing her on shelves, and she even shelf-warmed around here, going on clearance when Zeller's (a former Canadian department store chain) was going out of business to make way for Target (which then also closed...). She was everywhere, she was cheap...and for some reason, I wasn't excited about her. Of course, now I wish I'd scooped up a dozen basic Nefera's, but we all have the one that got away, right? Thankfully, Mattel has finally given us a second Nefera doll, and while she's really different, and I would still love to have the original one, my collection feels a bit more complete with any Nefera at all in it!

But enough about me...Let's look at the queen of Boo York herself!