Friday, 4 March 2016

Since I've Been Gone...

Well, I've certainly let this slide, haven't I? I had never intended to take so long of a break, but I definitely needed to step back for awhile. Even though I started this blog as a creative outlet during a time when I was in a pretty rough place and needed it as a distraction, I let it become something that was stressing me out! I was bringing home new dolls and feeling like I couldn't open them until I had good lighting to do a video or take photos, and even then, unless I had the time to take all the review photos, I couldn't put the dolls on display...That certainly wasn't the point of this endeavour! Even after I decided to take a break for a while, I still felt guilty every time I opened a doll without doing a review first, which is beyond silly. This is something that I started doing for me, and I want to get back to that, and stop worrying so much about the details.

All that said, I decided to sit down today and take a few quick photos of some of the dolls I've picked up in the last few months, and it felt good to be back behind the camera! I think going forward, I just need to relax a little bit. Maybe more posts showing off dolls and some of their details, without being quite as in depth as I can sometimes get. Celebrate what it is I love about this hobby, without stressing myself out again! I'd also love to do some more creative photo shoots like I've done in the past, taking dolls on road trips and outside, once the weather is better, and I think those would be fun additions!

Here's hoping I find some new energy for this place, because I certainly haven't lost my love of dolls! If anything, it's stronger than ever, and there are new things on the horizon I am very excited about! But for now, click through and have a look at some of the things I've gotten while I've been away!