Saturday, 12 July 2014

Art Class Draculaura

Next on the list of dolls I got for my birthday is Art Class Draculaura! She was the last Art Class doll I needed, and now that I have her in my hands, I really love her. For the last little while I've been feeling kind of burnt out on Draculaura, and even the Draculaura dolls I already had were kind of...uninspiring to me. I don't know what it was, considering Draculaura was my first ever Monster High doll, and I always really love her character in the webisodes and movies, but something about her just wasn't connecting with me.

Well, I have to say, this doll has turned that around! I don't know if I'll be running out to pick up Draculaura dolls that I missed or anything like that, but I'll definitely be giving Draculaura a second glance from now now, thanks to this lovely lady!

Click through to find out what's so special about this Draculaura, and to see my Unboxing/First Impressions video!

Here is her box! All of the Art Class dolls have really cute art, and Draculaura is no exception. Actually, I usually think her art is cuter than the dolls end up being. She's so adorable and exuberant in her art, but then the dolls tend to have small, almost sleepy eyes that give her a more sultry look, and it's just so different. While we're at it, I also really wish she was on the "little sister" body. In the webisodes she's just so tiny and cute, I wish the doll was too!

As usual, if you've got a few minutes to spare, you can watch me unbox Draculaura and give my first impressions, or you can continue right on down to the reveiw!

And here she is! I think in terms of the accessories she comes with, she is second to "chainsaw Abbey" in this line. I think everyone who reads here knows how much I love it when a doll can really interact with her accessories, and as we'll see, this doll wins at that!

First, I wanted to take a quick look at her art class journal. There's not a lot of text in here, as per usual with the international journals, but what there is is pretty neat!

I like how even in these few entries, we can watch Draculaura's art class journey. It would definitely be a struggle to paint a self-portrait if you didn't have a reflection or turn up on film!


 I also really like the other paintings of hers that are included. I think the one of Skelita is adorable, and I love the still life of Abbey's chainsaw!

And of course, she comes with her final work of art, a wonderful cubist-inspired self-portrait. I particularly enjoy Count Fabulous in the background there, he's one of my favourite Monster High pets! The frame is really cute as well, with the rather ornate front covered in hearts and spider webs, with a bat at the top. It also stands well, thanks to the stand on the back. I actually really like all of the art pieces the doll in this line come with, they're all very different and they do a great job of representing each ghoul!

Her final accessories are, of course, her paint brush and palette. We learn in her journal that the heart-shaped palette was given to her by Clawd, her boyfriend, and I think that's a really cute little detail. Both of these pieces are really nice, and as you can see, thanks to the loop on the brush and the hole in the palette, Draculaura can hold them both like you would actually use these items! I know I harp on accessories that the dolls can really interact with easily, but that's something I think is really important for play, and also for my own displaying purposes.

Okay, so let's move on to the doll herself. Finally, right? I really love how much yellow she has going on! Yellow isn't new for Draculaura, it's kind of been the third colour in her colour scheme since way back in the Forbitten Love days, but I think this is the first time it's been used so heavily, and the first time it's been used in her hair. That's a huge part of what makes this doll so special, I think. I also really love how she has a sort of retro vibe. The apron is obviously a painting apron, but I think she'd look just as at home in a 50's diner in this look!

Her hair is mostly black, as usual, but with thick streaks of hot pink and bright yellow, starting in her bangs and going back into the high pony tail. I love how graphic the streaks are in her bangs especially! The texture of the hair is fine. Not great, but not terrible either, and there's a little bit of crunch happening in the ponytail. There's kind of a wave to it, but it's not anything defined, so it ends up looking a bit messy. I think it would be fairly easy to get under control though, with some hot water and patience.

She also has a buttery yellow headband in her hair, with a bow on either side. Each bow has a little skullette in the centre, which ties into her hot pink skullette earrings.

There's something about this particular Draculaura's face that I really like. Her makeup is gorgeous, with the yellow eyeshadow and pink accents, and the bright reddish-pink lipstick. I love the colours against her skin, but I think there's something more that I'm liking here too. Lately I've found that a lot of Draculaura dolls look to have very small eyes that give her a really different look, but I don't feel that way about this one. I just love her face!

Her outfit is made up of a dress and an apron. It's a very 50's silhouette, with the full skirt and the high neck, but of course it has Monster High flair!

Without the apron, it's easier to see the dress underneath. The top is yellow, with 3/4 sleeves trimmed in pink tulle. There's a big pink bow at the neck, and over top of the yellow, there are dripping pink stripes. Normally on Monster High clothing the drips are meant to look bloody or goopy, but I think in context it, it's meant to be dripping paint. That motif is continued down on the skirt, which is a full black skirt, covered in pink and yellow paint splotches, and trimmed in soft yellow tulle. The style of this dress is really simple, but it's very pretty, and it looks wonderful on Draculaura.

Her shoes are AMAZE, as Barbie would say :P. They're mostly white, with a basket weave pattern, trimmed in studs. At the outside of each ankle there are two crossed paintbrushes dipped in hot pink paint, and two pink skullettes. But what is really amazing about these shoes, are the heels and soles. The heels are tubes of paint with the ends rolled down, and the soles are made up of the paint spilling out of the tube. They are just so cool, and a lot of thought clearly when into these! I remember when we first saw prototypes of these shoes, we thought they were going to belong to Catrine, since she is an artist, but they fit Draculaura just as well!

Her apron is really simple, just pink with a net pattern and a scalloped hem. It does the job though!

And there she is, with her apron back on! I can never tie these little strings into neat little bows like how they come out of the box, but I think it's alright. Big clumsy adult fingers!

And look how cute she looks holding her paint brush and palette! They're the perfect size for her, and I can imagine them being so much fun to play with.

Dipping in for more paint...

And maybe trying her hand at some face painting! Just lean in a little closer!

Okay, back to her canvas!

Hmm...does it need a little more?

Nope, I think it's perfect!

What do you think?

So that's all from Art Class Draculaura! I hope you enjoyed her as much as I do, which is kind of a lot. Her colour scheme is just so bright and eye-catching, and she looks great on my shelf amongst the other Art Class dolls. They all have such different colour schemes and vibes that they all look individual, but there is still something that ties them all together. I'm kind of surprised by how much I ended up liking this line that originally felt a bit disjointed and outside of the normal Monster High range for some reason, but I'm very glad to have them!

Coming up next, I'm going to be looking at Signature Raven Queen, but the video I filmed for her had no sound for some reason, so I was a bit disappointed by that. I also recently (finally!) got my hands on the Coffin Bean playset, and I had a really great time taking pictures of that, so be on the look out!


  1. I find it adorable that she paints like a 5 year-old kid. Poor Draculaura, she tries really hard, but drawing isn't her thing. Lovely touch from Mattel :)

  2. Does your one has a smaller head than an average MH? My one has a smaller head than any draculaura I have ever seen and it's bothering me.