Thursday, 26 December 2013

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Ever After High: Cerise Hood

For someone who wasn't sure how she felt about Ever After High, I'm sure giving a lot of the dolls a try! Next up, I picked up Cerise Hood, the daughter of Red Riding Hood (and the Big Bad Wolf, but shhh, that's a secret!) I liked her a lot in pictures, and once I got my hands on her...well, I took nearly 100 pictures of her!

I tried something new with some of the pictures as well since I finally got my tabletop lightbox situation, so let me know what you think!

Her box is the same as the other EAH dolls, large plastic window, designed to look like a book. They're very attractive boxes, and would look great all displayed on a shelf if you were the type to keep your dolls in boxes, which I clearly am not.

She comes with a stand, brush, the little fold-out story book they all have, and a cute as heck little purse that looks like a picnic basket. Standard EAH stuff!

There she is! I'm going to start with her outfit, because there's kind of a lot going on!

She's wearing a long tunic top in a red and black houndstooth print, with an asymmetrical hem and a tulle ruffle. It also has short, lacy sleeves. Over that she has a wide belt, meant to look like leather, with three buckles. There are chains dangling from the belt, as well as a long feather charm.

Underneath that, she's wearing shimmering grey leggings with a sort of mottled pattern. They almost look like cobblestone, very nice looking!

Her boots are basically awesome! They're the same light brown colour as her belt, and have lots of great molded details. There are buckles at the top and across the toe, laces all the way up the front, and stitching around the edges and the heel cap. I also really like the fringe on the toe, it makes me think of moccasins!

She's also wearing a pretty fabulous cape with a swirling vine pattern over the back of it. Of course, it has a red hood! We'll have a closer look at it off of Cerise in a minute, but it's really great!

And here she is in my new lightbox! I'm still getting the hang of this, but I'm working on it! Cerise's hair is long, with blunt bangs across her forehead. Most of the hair is a natural looking dark brown colour, but on the left side of her bands and down the length there's a bright white streak. It adds some nice interest to the hair for sure! In the webisodes, she actually has a bob hair cut which is adorable, and I kind of wish the doll had it too. Part of me wants to cut it, but a bigger part of me is terrified to do that!

She has a truly gorgeous face, in my opinion. Really stands out, even in my rather large collection of dolls! Her eyes are a lovely soft shade of grey, and her makeup is done in similar shades. Her lips are a very natural colour, like she's not wearing lipstick, and it really works for her. Her whole vibe is more natural and less fancy than the other EAH girls, so it fits. There's something about her face, maybe the shape of the bridge of her nose, and her eyes that makes me think she looks almost Native American. I don't know if that was intended or not, but I do like seeing this kind of diversity in faces in dolls, so I'll take it! Especially in EAH, where my biggest complaint in the beginning as that they all looked the same.

Without her cape, her outfit is very cute and looks real world wearable. It looks kind of warm and cozy, and I like that there's not a lot of glitter and shine to it. It feels right for the character, and makes her stand out from the other EAH dolls.

She's also wearing a black cuff bracelet and a fairly simple red ring. I love how the EAH dolls are almost always wearing rings. It's a really nice detail!

In the webisodes, Cerise wears the hood to hide her pointy wolf-ish ears. These ears have a very slight point to them, but not nearly at much as in the show. I would have liked her to have the full-on pointy ears, but these are pretty cute! Her ears aren't pierced, but they are marked where the piercing would go.

Back to the cape! The hood is plain shiny red, with a hole in it for most of Cerise's hair to be pulled through. The part that falls around her shoulders fades from red to white, and it covered in a pattern of branches and leaves. On the inside, the cape is lined with tulle which gives it nice body, and puffs out around Cerise really nicely when she wears it.

It attaches around her neck with an attached silver buckle on one side, with chains that drape around the front of her neck. I really like this piece, it seems well made and it has a lot of great details.

And now is when I just started taking beauty shots...Cerise's face is just so interesting to me, and it really looks amazing from every angle, which I had a great time testing out! I'll try to cut it down to just my favourites, but...that's still a lot!

There we have it, Ms Cerise Hood! I'm so enamoured with her face, I can't get enough of looking at it. What do you think of her? Would she stand out in your doll collection like she does in mine?


  1. Personally I haven't made up my mind yet about Cerise. She's not as fairytale-y as some of the others, like her outfit (except the cape maybe) and haircut wouldn't look that out of place on an ordinary teenage girl. Whether that's a pro or con I haven't decided yet! Either way, the boots are really nice.

    1. I agree that she looks very "normal", but for some reason that's what I like about her! I think it's because that's actually what makes her stand out from the rest of the line for me, and she has a similar vibe to Hunter, who I LOVE!

      Definitely agreed on the boots though, lots of great detail!