Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, fellow doll lovers! I hope everyone found something they'd been wanting waiting for them under the tree. I know I did!

I'll definitely be reviewing Clawdia, and maybe the others too if anyone is interested. I also picked up Scaremester Jinafire and Cerise Hood from Ever After High just before Christmas, and I'm working on reviews of those as well! Lots of good stuff coming up soon on the blog, AND I got some gift cards too, so there may be even more! Very merry doll-mas to me!

Hope everyone is having a great day with their friends and families! What did you find under the tree this year?


  1. Hey nice selection, I would definitely be interested at having a closer look at that Katniss doll. I am considering getting one myself.

    I got a few toys (Lalaloopsy, Bratz etc) but I am going to look at getting a doll or two in the sale probably monster or ever after high.

    1. I've been wanting Katniss for awhile but I hadn't taken the plunge, so I'm excited to finally have her! Can't wait to have a closer look, I'll definitely do a little review