Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christina Articulates: Top Monster High Dolls of 2013!

It's that time of year when everything is lists, and I'm going to go right along with that trend! I thought I'd make a quick list of my favourite dolls that were released this past year, but it turned out to not be that quick. I had a lot of favourites!

I couldn't just include Monster High dolls, because a few others really stole my heart this year, so I'm going to break it up a little. I put together a list of my favourite Monster High dolls, which will be featured in this post, and I'm also going to do a second post featuring my favourite dolls from other lines. Even still, it was a hard task to narrow everything down! So...I didn't. I set out to make a Top 10 list and just couldn't force myself to leave some dolls out. Instead, I've got a list of my 20 favourite Monster High dolls of the year, and even that was a challenge! I'm not going to go into detail on all 20 dolls, but I did take pictures of everything, which was quite an endeavour!

As for what was considered eligible, I'm only including dolls that were officially scheduled to be released in 2013, not everything that hits shelves in 2013. That means I'll be including Scaris which hit shelves at the end of 2012, and not including Frights, Camera, Action which hit shelves at the end of 2013. It pains me to leave the gorgeous Miss Honey Swamp off this list, but it just means that the 2014 list is already off to a promising start!

So who made the list? Click through to find out! (Beware, this is a very photo heavy post!)

I'm just going to jump right in and get started, since this post is going to be long enough as it is! These dolls are ranked from 20-1, but really, I love all of them and I think Mattel did a great job in 2013. And based on what we've seen of 2014 so far, I think we're in for another great year!

20. Headless Headmistress Bloodgood

I mean, come on, she's a doll whose head it supposed to come off! Little brothers everywhere rejoice! Plus, that head is pretty damn fierce.

19. Picture Day Spectra Vondergeist

She's one of the first dolls of 2013 that I remember going on a hunt specifically looking for. I just love her outfit, and I always love Spectra's ethereal face!

18. Dance Class Rochelle Goyle

A late-comer and a surprise edition to this list! I really just wanted the DC pack for Gil, but Rochelle really stole my heart, love that aqua eye shadow!

17. Catrine DeMew

Ms Scarisian Glamour herself!

16. Gigi Grant

2013 gave us a lot of unique body molds from Monster High, and Gigi here is the first on this list, with her scales and freaky-fab long fingernails.

15. Mad Science Ghoulia Yelps

Ghoulia is by far my favourite MH character, and she didn't get a lot of dolls this year. However, this one that she did get, was adorable from head to toe! I love the periodic table dress!

14. Scaris Cleo DeNile

2013 was a good year for Cleo in my perspective. I'd never really loved a Cleo doll before, but this year a few of her dolls really grabbed me, this one in particular!

13. Swim Class Frankie Stein

Love the addition of the blue to Frankie's hair, and those acid yellow accessories are killer!

12. I Love Fashion Clawdeen Wolf

She's just so badass! From the black hair to the deep purple lips and dramatic makeup, I love her look.

11. Catty Noir

I wasn't sure about Catty when we first got pictures of her. All that bright pink and was a lot, even for me. However, once I got my hands on her, I was won over! I love her black skin and how it makes the silver and pink of her outfit stand out even brighter. Gorgeous!

10. Roller Maze Clawdeen Wolf

Now, I know this isn't want Roller Maze Clawdeen comes wearing, but that's part of why she's one of my favourites. I just love the soft waves of her lilac hair against her skin tone, and her face is so soft and pretty. She's the polar opposite of I Love Fashion Clawdeen up there, but she looks fabulous in her borrowed outfit! This girl is FLAWLESS.

9. Catastrophe

I love the whole Power Ghoul line, and Toralei as Catastrophe is no exception! I love her 60's vibe, totally reminiscent of Catwoman on the 60's Batman show for me!

8. Voltageous

And Frankie Stein as Voltageous! Love her lightning bolt cape and her super cool boots!

7. Ghoul's Night Out Spectra Vondergeist

Ghoul's Night Out is another line that is actually really great overall, but Spectra is my personal favourite! I LIVE for her clear purple trench coat! I also really love the added pink in her hair, that's something new for her that I think really works.

6. Scaris Ghoulia Yelps

Admittedly, this might be a somewhat controversial choice, but this is my list! This Ghoula is very simple, and definitely a budget doll, but to me, she proves that sometimes simplicity works! I love her fluffy, curly pony tail, and her makeup is really gorgeous. Her dress is simple, but it really makes a statement, to me anyways, and I keep coming back to this doll! I've actually been considering buying a second to use for fashion packs, because I just love her face and hair so much!

5. 13 Wishes Lagoona Blue

Lagoona has never been one of my favourite dolls. I think she's gorgeous, and she's always gorgeous, but a lot of her dolls suffer from a bad case of sameness. This doll definitely breaks that mold! I love Freshwater Lagoona's brilliant colours, from her lemon yellow hair to the bright teal of her lips. She's really something special!

4. Picture Day Operetta


Even without the correct mask, this is my favourite Operetta yet! She looks like the kind of girl you wouldn't want to mess with, like she'd fit right in with the Pink Ladies. Love that hair and her little letterman jacket!

3. I Love Fashion Scarah Screams


Scarah Screams was a long awaited addition to the Monster High line, after her initial appearance as a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive. Luckily, her first wide release did not disappoint! Her 60's vibe is flawless, and her white pleather trench is one of the best pieces of MH clothing to date, in my opinion! I also love her spooky white eyes, they somehow manage to have so much personality. Love her!

2. Jinafire Long

In addition to Catrine, Scaris brought us a few other new characters, and one of them was this fierce dragon. Everything about Jinafire, from the top of her head to the bottom of her shoes is completely thought out and so well-designed. She's really Monster High at their best. I love how they're branching out into more unique body molds, and Jinafire's shimmering scales really impress! Plus, look at that face and tell me she's not amazing!

1. Skelita Calaveras

 And the winner is....the wonderful Skelita Calaveras! I feel like whenever I talk to people about Monster High lately, all I can say is "But have you seen the skeleton doll? She's literally all bones!" I've been in love with this doll since the moment I unwrapped her last Christmas, and if anything, I only love her more now. She's a real achievement for Monster High, with her stunning face that is beautiful and kind, and her body that is unlike anything else I've ever seen in a play doll. She was designed lovingly, I think, with the connection to her culture clear is every aspect of her from her outfit to her diary. I really love this doll, and I'm glad she's already gotten one more doll for 2014!

Honourable Mention: Webarella

Any discussion of my favourite dolls of the year could not be complete without talking about Webarella, this years San Diego Comic Con exclusive. Really, she's probably the coolest doll I've bought all year, but I felt like it didn't make sense to include her in my list proper, since she wasn't exactly widely available. But really, a doll with 6 arms? How do you not love that? I HATE spiders, and I still love having Webarella hanging out on my shelf!

So, what do you think of my rankings? I want to hear if you agree or disagree with any of my choices! Who were your favourites this year, and who are you looking forward to most in 2014?

Stay tuned for my favourite dolls from other doll lines as well!


  1. I hated skelita for the longest time..just recently bought one for $9.99 though. .just because I didn't want to regret not getting her..and I like her more than I thought. .but definitely not in my top 20..

    1. It's always interesting to see what different people like! Who was your favourite this year?

  2. I couldn't just include Monster High dolls, because a few others really stole my heart this year, so I'm going to break it up a little. I put together a ...