Friday, 13 December 2013

Once Upon a Zombie: Sleeping Beauty

As soon as I reviewed Belle from the Once Upon a Zombie line, I knew that she wouldn't be the last zombie to swarm my home. Just a few days ago I got a big box from ThinkGeek containing Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel, and today we're going to look at Sleeping Beauty!

Uh oh...I'm outnumbered...

Her box is exactly the same as Belle's, with the obvious exception of it having her own cartoon on it. I'm not wild about these cartoons, to be honest, but I'm not sure exactly what it is about them. Anyways, that's sort of beside the point! Let's get to the doll!

Getting Sleeping Beauty out of her box was no small feat. These boxes are a bit tricky. You've got to tear the backing cardboard off to get to all the plastic ties and threads that hold the doll into the box, and there was a TON of glue inside Beauty's box. I did finally get her out though, and I really like her! Everything about her outfit is sparkly and iridescent, and it makes me think she's a cold-weather princess. We'll get a closer look in a minute.

Her hair is a pretty natural blonde colour with a soft wave throughout it. There are two twisted braids coming from the crown of her head which adds some nice visual interest. There is a LOT of styling product in this hair. A LOT. The pieces around her face were stiff with it, and it was flaking off like snow even before I tried brushing it. The texture of the hair and the cut of it also leave a lot to be desired for the price point, in my opinion, but they are zombies after all. She's also wearing a gold plastic crown that is sewn into her hair. It's a bit cheapy, and I cut it out to attempt to do something with her hair.

This is what it looked like after I brushed it out. Yikes! In the picture from the front here you can see the weird cut of the hair. There doesn't seem to be any reason for those shortish pieces in the front, and they just fall funny no matter what I tried to do with her hair.

She has the same spooky beauty to her face that Belle does, but done up in much softer colours. Her inset eyes are kind of a pale blue with a slight purple hue, and are surrounded with shades of pale grey and pink. It's a soft, lovely look and I love the contrast of that with her cadaver grey skin and the scars running down her cheeks from her eyes.

She has a bandage wrapped around one arm, which is maybe a bit weird? Maybe she tried to bandage up a wound before she turned into a zombie? It's a cool feature though!

So much shiny! Every single piece of her outfit is super sparkly. Her top is white with a pink-green sheen, her skirt is a shimmery deep blue with a sparkly black tulle overlay, and finally she has a silver disco cape over top of everything else. Her skirt also has the same spiderweb tulle underneath as Belle's does, just barely peeking out below the hem.  There is a lot going on here!

The cape is a soft, flowing material that feels really smooth. I like the torn, jagged edges and the ties with the puff balls on the ends!

The sleeves of her top are really quite nice. They're 3/4 sleeved and ruched to her elbows. Between these and the cape, I imagine Beauty is the princess somewhere very cold, like Elsa and Anna in Frozen!

I took that inspiration and tried to tame her hair into pigtails, because it all seemed to go together to me. It was tricky trying to get all those weird short pieces from the front to wind into the braids, but it worked out pretty well.

Cute from the front, right? Definitely more under control!

Not so good from the back...but for me, this isn't a HUGE problem. My dolls are displayed on a shelf, so no one will know how wacky the back of her head looks but me!

And of course, I couldn't let the opportunity go by to compare this Sleeping Beauty to Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Aurora.

I mean, other than blonde hair, there's no real similarities, but I had to do it!

I WAS curious to see if they could share clothes, since on first glance their bodies look pretty similar.

Aurora has those weird click knees that I remember from old Barbies, so her legs are incredibly sticky vinyl and picked up a ton of glitter from her dress. Their bodies definitely aren't dissimilar, but you can see that Beauty's waist is a bit slimmer and higher, and Aurora's chest is broader.

What this means is that Beauty can wear Aurora's dress, but it's a bit loose around the top, and Aurora can get into Beauty's dress, but it won't close in the back. Also, putting Beauty's dress over top of Aurora's peach skin instead of Beauty's grey skin made it obvious that the white top is actually completely see-through!

Escandalo! Not very princess-like!

It does look pretty on her though, doesn't it? I like the pinks with her skin and her eye makeup. Very pretty!

So there she is! I still love this line of dolls, despite their shortcomings. Those eyes and their faces are enough to keep me coming back for me, and with Beauty here, I really like how much she's got going on in her outfit, and her soft, pretty face. It makes her that much spookier, don't you think?

For a more detailed look at the Once Upon a Zombie body in comparison to Monster High, see my Belle review!

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