Thursday, 19 December 2013

Once Upon a Zombie: Rapunzel

I've got one more Once Upon a Zombie doll to review for now, and that's Rapunzel! She was one of the ones I was most drawn to, thanks to her lovely hair colour and the purple of her dress. Once I got her out of the box, I was not disappointed!

Her box is the same as all the others, nothing special to point out here!

Here she is out of her plastic prison! Her hair is a bit of a hot mess, but she looks pretty good!

Her face is my favourite of the three that I have by far. I love her pale lilac eyes, they seem especially piercing somehow. I also LOVE her scars, creating that exaggerated, spooky smile. Her makeup is all done in shades of purple and grey to match her outfit. Purple is one of my favourite colours, so that probably explains why I love this doll so much.

Predictably, Rapunzel's hair is very, very long. It's a lovely strawberry blonde colour, almost peach, and it's quite shiny. The ends of the braid are pretty rough though, so I'm not optimistic about the texture if I were to take it out. The braid is really pretty though, so I don't have any desire to undo to! It's a rope braid consisting of two strands twisted together with a smaller twist twisted into it. Say twist again, Christina!

There's a bit of wackiness happening around her face. Rapunzel has shorter hair framing her face, and the hair to the right has been bound back with a piece of string. One piece of that hair either escaped or never made it into the binding, and it kind of hangs straight down in front of her. I bet a bit of hot water would help bend it back, but I actually just wound a clear rubber band around the top of the braid, and that's doing a fine job of keeping it in place.

On her left arm, she has lines that are maybe meant to mimic torn skin? I'm not really sure, but they do add some detail.

Her dress is definitely my favourite of the three dolls I have. The bodice is a shimmery light purple, and the full skirt is a deeper purple, overlaid with a shimmery black tulle trimmed in gold. The edges of the skirt are torn and frayed like the other dolls, and also have the same random rips throughout.

She has little fishnet sleeves that are also trimmed in gold with jagged edges. I really like these little sleeves!

So that's Rapunzel! I love how the purple of her outfit goes with the peachy-blonde of her hair.

And the detail in the braid is really nice. It's simple, but it really shows how sometimes simplicity is most effective. After brushing out Beauty's hair and learning a bit about the texture of the hair on these dolls, I'll be leaving Rapunzel's hair alone, so I'm glad that the braid is so pretty!

I really find taking pictures of these dolls to be kind of addictive. Their faces and hands are so expressive, and their poseability gives you so many options! I can't stop...

And it's even better when you get a whole group of them together, right?

So that's my little zombie princess horde, for now! I still think I might want Snow White, but we'll see...I'm hoping Once Upon a Zombie does well enough to keep releasing new characters, I think they have a lot of ideas, and I'd like to get to see them realized. I think these dolls really do offer something special and different, and I'm always up for different! What do you think of these dolls, are you ready to welcome a horde of zombie princesses into your home?

I...better get going...

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