Saturday, 7 December 2013

Chainsaw Abbey!

A few days ago, I posted my review of Art Class today, and today, it's Abbey's turn! I knew I needed this doll as soon as I saw that she comes with a chainsaw, because that's basically the coolest thing ever. 

She has more going for her than just a chainsaw though, so let's dig in! There's not as many words as usual in this post because I feel like Abbey's face kind of does most of the talking for me. She's just so gorgeous, I didn't know what else to say!

Abbey is one of my favourite characters, personality wise; she never ceases to make me laugh, and the little excerpts from her Art Class diary are no exception.

I love the ice sculpture that she comes with, but it would be even better if it came with a stand for it. 

 Heath's face! True love, obviously.

A lot of people have been saying that this Abbey is similar to previous Abbey's. While that may be true, I think there is something totally gorgeous about her face. I love the coral of her lipstick against her pale blue skin, and her eyeshadow is a lovely colour of purple-y blue that really makes her eyes stand out while still being fairly subtle. We'll get a better look at her hair later, but I think it's really quite nice. I love the middle part and the soft waves of it, and her tinsel is back! Generally I don't like tinsel in Monster High hair, but I like Abbey's tinsel. It's a different texture, and it makes her hair sparkle like snow.

The chainsaw is COOL. I like the designs that look like icicles dripping off of it, and the snowflakes embossed on the handle. Better yet, she can actually hold it herself with no rubber bands!

Her boots are pretty typical Abbey, kind of like stylized hiking boots.

Her short-sleeved dress is black with a blown-out snowflake pattern in pink and blue, with blue fur trim on the neck and hem. The fur is more like extra fuzzy fleece or something as opposed to hairy fur, if that makes sense. It's very soft! She's also wearing a cool belt made of ice cubes with dripping icicles.

She's wearing small molded skullette earrings in a translucent blue. Nothing special here, but I do like when they include earrings!

 Her last accessory is her hot pink safety goggles, which add a nice pop of colour to the outfit, and I think they look pretty cool in general. They have a molded skullette at the top between her eyes, and other molding around the rims that look like fangs or icicles. Something pointy!

I really love the way her hair falls here, I think it's a really versatile style and she'd be a great doll to redress in all sorts of outfits!

 I just really, really love this set! I think it's so cool that a doll geared towards young girls comes with a chainsaw as an accessory, even if it is a tool to be used for art. So unique!

Time for some beauty shots!

Look at that face!

Werk, Abbey! I couldn't stop taking pictures of her, she just looks gorgeous from every angle.

 So there she is! Are you as in love with this Abbey as I am? I can't get enough of looking at her gorgeous face!


  1. Nice review. I like the goggles on this doll but I wish that chainsaw she came with was bigger.

    1. Fair enough! I think bigger is always better with chainsaws :)

  2. Damnit, she is gorgeous. I like how feminine the hair is - Abbey's normally so hard looking!

    She totally needs a tiny pedestal for that sculpture though - like this!

    1. I think that is what I like about this Abbey, she's so soft and pretty, but she still has a hint of that Abbey edge!

      And yes! Something like that is perfect! My grandfather actually used to make miniature furniture, so I currently have it on a little wooden table he made :)