Thursday, 30 April 2015

Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen Wolf

Wow, long time, no blog, huh? I was pretty busy with volunteering (I run a drama program for adults with physical and intellectual disabilities and our big show was last weekend!) and then my Internet went down for the better part of a week, but I'm back with a new doll to review

Remember when I reviewed Freaky Field Trip Gigi and Toralei, and I left Clawdeen behind but said I might go back for her? Well, I went back for her! I actually got her on sale for half price, so she was $9.99 which is a hard deal to pass up! This Freaky Field Trip line ended up being one of my favourite budget lines, I think, and I really love how all three of them look together, so I'm definitely glad I picked her up.

Without further ado, let's have a closer look at this simple but beautiful Clawdeen Wolf!

Again, I have to mention how much I love these new boxes! They're so eye-catching and colourful! Clawdeen is going on her field trip to the Museum of Unnatural History, and so her background features fossils of dinosaurs and other freaky monsters. Museums like this are my personal favourite kind of museum, and I never get sick of going somewhere like the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto!

And here she is, with her accessories. As this is a budget line, these dolls don't come with stand or brushes, but since they all come with new shoe molds, two accessories and (except Toralei) fairly large jewellery, I can't complain! This is an example of a really great budget line, in my opinion. Great details, solid theme...perfect!

Speaking of her accessories, Clawdeen gets one winner and one that's a bit of a whomp-whomp. Her first accessory is a super cool dinosaur skull, which is hollow. If you want, you can kind of shove her hand inside of it to have her hold it, or you can make friends with some rubber bands like I ended up doing. I don't always display my dolls with their accessories, depending on what they are, but all three of the Freaky Field Trip dolls are on my shelves holding everything they came with!

Her second accessory is a bit of a let down, especially compared to the things the other ghouls came with. These folders are kind of a dime a dozen, coming with the Picture Day dolls, the Scaremester dolls and the wave 2 basics. There isn't even anything about this that's specific to Clawdeen, except for the lime green colour. There's nothing wrong with this accessory, and it definitely fits the line, it's just a bit of a disappointment compared to something like Gigi's lunch bag, which was more unique and is one of my favourite accessories to date.

Like the others, Clawdeen's overall look is very simple, but it fits the theme really well.

I'm not sure what it is about this Clawdeen in particular, but look at that face! God, she's beautiful. She's one of the most beautiful Clawdeen's in my collection, I think. I love the purple lip, and somehow despite all the purple and green, her face manages to look very soft and just beautiful. Clawdeen is interesting to me, because she seems to have two different styles of screening. This one, which is softer and "prettier" and another, which is more fierce and take-no-prisoners. Both are equally beautiful, but in different ways, and I think that's really fun. I Love Fashion Clawdeen is one I would use an an example of the fiercer screening, and she's another one of my favourite Clawdeen's!

Her dress is a simple tube dress with an asymmetrical hem, featuring an all-over pattern of fossils, bones and paw prints. There are ammonites and trilobites, and it's just really cool! The dress also has one strap that runs diagonally down the front of the dress made out of green plastic. The addition of this strap totally makes me think that this dress belongs on someone on The Flintstones, and I love it!

She's also wearing a pretty freaking incredible piece of jewellery on her right arm. It's a gold cuff that goes from wrist to elbow, and it's made to look like a spine with rib bones curving around Clawdeen's arm. It actually fits on her upper arm as well, and I might even prefer it there. It's pretty flexible, and it's just so cool.

Her shoes are solid purple, and are new! The heel is another spine, there are spikes down the front of the shoe that remind me of a stegosaurus, and teeth on the front of the toe. Love these dino-inspired shoes!

As you can see from previous photos, her hair is auburn-brown, with a purple streak on one side of her face and parted in the centre. It's long and wavy, and once it's brushed out, super soft and flowy with a nice cut. This is just GORGEOUS hair. I mean, Clawdeen always has great hair, it is kind of her thing, but this one has especially great hair.

See what I mean about the cuff fitting on her upper arm as well? I really love how it looks!

And she is just stunningly gorgeous, I think. I actually think maybe her eyebrows are painted a bit lighter than other times, and that's what's giving her that soft look? I'm not sure, but I like it!

Checking out her friend, the dino skull.

I brought in Gigi and Toralei  to we could see them all together, and don't they look awesome? My favourite thing about each of these dolls was how colourful they are, and I love them even more together. Look at all those colours! They look so freaking cute all together on my shelf, you guys, I can't stand it. Definitely a really solid budget line, probably the best one in recent memory, in my opinion.

And that's Clawdeen, returned from her Freaky Field Trip to the Museum of Unnatural History. What do you think of this doll? Do you think she's as neat as I do?

I'll be back soon (hopefully no more Internet issues!) with another review of a doll I'm excited about, and then I might be bringing some new things to the blog while I'm trying to spend less on dolls...We'll see though, and I hope you guys enjoy what's coming up!


  1. Clawdeen is the only one i have (I sold Torelai to someone in Canada because I just wasn't feeling her) - she is incredible for a budget doll!

    1. It's funny how initially, Clawdeen was the one that didn't grab me, but now having all three of them, I'd be hard-pressed to pick a favourite!

  2. She is really cute! I agree about how cute her face is. I don't know if I would've grabbed her off the shelf, but seeing your review has made me think twice. :)

    1. She definitely looks way better out of the box! I think it has something to do with getting that hair loose and brushed out, it really sells it! :)

  3. The skull is nice, but personally I think I like Toralei's mounted pilot fish skeleton even more. Awesome spine jewelry, though!

    1. Toralei's fish skeleton is definitely the single best accessory in the line, it makes me laugh and it's just SO Monster High! It's also what drew my husband to her and made him decide to get her for me :)

      The jewelry is very cool indeed, the kind of thing it takes Clawdeen Wolf-level attitude to pull off!

  4. This Clawdeen is really pretty. I love her makeup and hair, and the shoes are awesome. The only thing I don't like about her is the dress, which in my opinion is just not special enough.
    It's so cool that you have all three of them. They look amazing together! :)

    1. The good thing about this Clawdeen is I think she'd redress beautifully! I may actually play around with some of my extra Clawdeen clothes, just to see what might look good on her.

      They do look amazing together, I'm glad to have them all!

  5. Happy to have you back! Hope your show was a success. :)

    Clawdeen is one of those rare dolls who can pull off pretty much anything. Almost all of her releases are flawless, and this one is no exception.I think maybe that's why she's so overused, because she really can do fierce and fabulous and then 180 into a softer look with no trouble at all. I'm really liking the look of her Boo York doll too..this is always such a problem with Clawdeen, resisting all the amazing dolls she gets!

    1. It was a major success! I'm hoping that the videographer will put something online so I can share here actually, I'm very proud of how it turned out this year!

      I agree about Clawdeen. She's definitely a fashionista, and just about any style works on her! There are very few Clawdeen dolls that I don't think are beautiful or eye catching in some way, she's something else. The Boo York doll does look quite pretty, I think she's the best of that budget line, though I'm probably going to be focusing my energy (and money!) on Freak du Chic more than Boo York...but we'll see, famous last words and all that!

  6. She's so pretty! My Clawdeens are definitely sulkier. I really like the center-part hair and the diagonal line on the dress.