Friday, 10 April 2015

Gloom and Bloom Jinafire Long

The doll that I am reviewing today is one that I am incredibly glad to have gotten my hands on! A few weeks back, I reviewed Gloom and Bloom Cleo, and I think I mentioned that when I went back in hopes of getting Jinafire, the shelves were just full of more Cleo's. Normally, this wouldn't be a huge concern, but considering that these dolls are (apparently) Target exclusives, and all of the Target's in my area are now officially closed, time was definitely of the essence! Luckily, at a more recent trip to Target, they had restocked, and I was able to grab myself a gorgeous Jinafire.

Honestly, I can't believe I successfully walked away from her the first time, just look at her! As gorgeous as Cleo is, there's something incredibly arresting about this particular Jinafire, and she's just stunning.

So, I guess my general feelings are out of the bag on this one, but click through to get a better look at all her beautiful details!

Again, Jinafire's box is the new style that I love so much. I've never really thought much about leaving dolls in the boxes before, but these new boxes and the new art are so attractive, it's really tempting!

Jinafire comes with a fair amount of accessories, and does also come with a stand and a brush. Before we get into everything, just look at the colours! I'm obsessed with her colour combination, I just can't get enough of looking at her!

Just like Cleo, she comes with gardening tools, and a purse that can hold them. The handles of her shovel and also her clippers are the heads of dragons. These are really quite cool, and she can hold them! Her purse is red and shaped like a folded fan. It's simple, but really cute and looks great with her outfit.

And of course, she can bring her gardening tools with her, just in case she needs them at the dance!

She also comes with a plant, that is in a vase that is honestly pretty gorgeous! The handles are dragons, and it has great embossed detailing all over it. It's pretty elaborate! The plant inside has black leaves and branches and three large, red flowers. When it's lifted up, the roots are a dragon! I really love these plants, actually, both Jinafire's and Cleo's. If an accessory is really well designed, it almost doesn't matter what it is, because I never thought that I would love little plastic plants so much!

She comes with a diary, which explains that she is the designer of all the outfits in the Gloom and Bloom line, and includes some pictures like this! I love seeing little things like this, and imagining Jinafire's thought process as she designs the gorgeous outfits in this line. It's a fun little detail!

Her outfit has a lot going on, but it all works together really well, I think. I love the combination of her bright green hair with her purple and red dress and her shimmery gold skin. It's such a rich combination, and just so eye-catching and gorgeous! I do happen to really like red and purple together, though, so I'm definitely biased.

Her face is typically gorgeous, for Jinafire! Her yellow-green eyes are ringed in red and purple shadows, and very long black lashes. Her lips are bright red, and I love the colour against her skin,

In her hair, she wears a large, red, floral accessory which clips around the bun at the top of her hair style.

Her hair is a gorgeous, grassy green colour, with black streaks throughout the front. It's half up, pulled into a bun on the top of her head with a piece pulled across her forehead and curled down the side of her face. The back of her hair is styled in loose waves, and is definitely a little flat from being in the box. However, this is the kind of box hair that's easy to fix with a rinse in warm water, and maybe some shampoo to wash out the crispy styling product. Once it's wet, you can comb it out without disturbing the curl, and it should dry nicely!

Jinafire is wearing dangling black earrings, with a fan at the top and long tassels. Leaving out the earrings for a second, I just really love Jinafire's ears! Those long, pointy ears are just so fantastic!

Her outfit looks like it's one piece, but it's actually two. She's wearing a dress, with a large peplum piece over the top, and we'll have a closer look at that in a moment.

Over the top of the whole thing, she's wearing a black belt that goes with her earrings. The tassels on the belt are very similar to those on her earrings, without being exactly the same.

Here's the dress that Jinafire is wearing, without the peplum over the top, and honestly, it's a pretty cute dress all on it's own! It definitely has a Chinese inspiration, with the high collar and the cut-out at the neckline, but it's Monster High-ed up with the flaming shoulder decorations, and the all-over purple scale pattern. It comes to just above her knee, and has a sort of tulip-style hem with red trim. I really like that the peplum piece of the outfit is removable, because this dress is really cute on it's own, and a little more casual. I mean, casual in the Monster High world, so still pretty fantastic!

The overskirt is made of red fabric, with a printed pattern of gold, metallic dragons all over. Underneath, there's a layer of black lace, and the wide waistband is made of a vinyl material. It attaches around the back with velcro, and has a hole to allow Jinafire's tail to fit through.

SHOOOOOOOOOES. *ahem* I mean, look at her shoes! Yes, I know I'm always harping on how amazing the Monster High shoes are, but can you blame me? The shoes are a pearly green, with very pointy toes, and coiled dragons as the heels. I've never seen another pair of shoes with toes quite like this, actually, and I think they're super cool.

She also has large ankle jewellery, just like Cleo. Jinafire's is black, with branches going up her legs, and fan and tassel detailing that matches the rest of her jewellery. Each ankle piece also has one large red flower in the centre.

And here's a better look at the dragon on the heels. Cool, right?

On her right wrist, she's wearing a beaded bracelet in the same green as her shoes, as well as a black dragon bracelet. On her left, she's wearing a simple green bangle.

I mean, if I were going to garden, I probably wouldn't wear something so fancy, but hey, maybe I would if I had Jinafire to design an outfit for me! Oh, and see how nicely she holds her tools? Love it!

And all that gardening work obviously paid off, because that is a lovely plant!

Off to the Gloom and Bloom dance!

Now that I have Cleo and Jinafire in this line, I think I'm probably going to need some of the other ghouls as well...I feel like I can pass on Amanita Nightshade though. I've seen her doll numerous times, and while she's definitely very pretty, she doesn't strike me as particularly special. And besides, I can't stand her in the webisodes! But Venus, Catrine and Jane are definitely very cool dolls, and I imagine they'll find their way to my shelves sooner or later!

What do you think of Jinafire here? Are you as enamoured with her as I am?

And check out my video review on YouTube, if you're interested!


  1. Wow, I hadn't realized how striking she is. I love all the deep reds and greens - such a fabulous colour combination. I don't think I'd noticed that she had a tail either - that's fabulous!

    1. The colours are totally what sells it, especially after a pastel-heavy line like Haunted. Such rich colours! And yes, Jinafire always has a tail, but it's sometimes hidden in the packaging. Super cool!

  2. Great review! Jinafire is one of my favorite characters and I think this may be the prettiest version of her. Do you have any other Jinafires? I love that her dress looks nice in different layers. Also loving how the tools can fit into her little bag. I can't get over the shoes...even the heels are so detailed! I totally agree about Amanita, lol.

    1. I have the Scaris Jinafire and Scaremester Jinafire. Visually she's definitely one of my favourites too! And haha, glad I'm not alone about Amanita!

  3. It was so hard to leave her behind in December - even though they were all terribly wonky. We haven't gotten any more either for that matter...

    1. I did notice that she had a tendency to be wonky, just like Cleo. With Cleo, I think it has to do with the shape of her eyes, so I wonder if it's something similar with Jinafire, since they are set a bit lower on her face generally...I hope you find a good one though!

  4. Now that is MH much more back in its groove -- dramatic, beautifully accessorized, not pink. Those shoes are incredible.

    1. This is definitely an example of Monster High at it's best! And the upcoming stuff all looks awesome too :)

  5. I love this Jinafire! Unfortunately she is nowhere to be found in Switzerland yet :(
    Whole Gloom & Bloom line is amazing, both dolls and packages. I would be awesome to have them all :D