Sunday, 3 May 2015

Ghoulia Yelps does Free Comic Book Day!

So yesterday was the annual Free Comic Book Day, and of course, we had to go to a few different comic book stores and check it out! And maybe I brought Ghoulia along with me, who was hoping to find some cool Deadfast merch!

This post is a bit different, but it's just for fun, so click through for some of Ghoulia's adventures in Mostly Comics!

 The crowds! It was pretty full, and we weren't even there right when the store opened! This is Mostly Comics in St Catharines, Ontario, and it's our favourite comic store. I've been going there since my first year of university about a decade ago, and we still go nearly every week to pick up our comics!

Ghoulia checking out some of the graphic novels for sale.

And digging through the back issue bin for treasures!

Chilling next to the Batwoman comics, one of my favourite books!


And more toys!

Ghoulia checking out my purchase of the day, an issue of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl that I missed!

Hanging out with the Hulk! Good timing too, considering what we had planned for later...

Checking out the free comics, trying to make her choice...

Hmm...not sure how she feels about this...

Ghoulia (and I!) really love Gronk, though!

And the All New, All Different Avengers, featuring the new Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan? My favourite! I think this might be Ghoulia's choice!

How do you think Ghoulia would feel about The Walking Dead? I don't think she'd like to be represented that way, she's definitely not a mindless killing machine!

But she DEFINITELY doesn't like the Governor or Rick, don't get too close!

Ghoulia found a Deadfast comic, score!

And a Deadfast action figure! What a good haul!

Cashing out, and heading home with her spoils...

After a quick pit stop to see the new Avengers movie, with her new friend Vision. Awesome day!

I hope you guys enjoyed this silly little post, it was fun to take the pictures, and definitely a conversation starter!


  1. Cute post! Looks like Ghoulia has a pretty sweet day. :)

  2. What a cool post! Your photos of Ghoulia in a comic book store are awesome. I really like the story you created. You inspired me and now I want to do something like this too :)

  3. Fun post! She looks like the perfect companion for free comic book day adventures!

    I loved getting to see your local comic shop as well. I'm impressed that they still have longboxes of back issues, since it seems like so many places are doing away with those.

  4. Love Ghoulia's story. She looked like she had an awesome day with you. I didn't go out for free comic book day. I haven't shopped for comics in years. I think I'm missing them.