Monday, 1 September 2014

FanExpo Canada 2014 - Thursday and Friday

Well, after a very tiring but AMAZING four days, I am back home from FanExpo! It was a great weekend as usual, and I have some photos to share! I never take as many photos as I would like to, and this year was no different. I find it difficult to take a lot of photos when I'm in costume myself, as I don't like carrying my camera in front of my cute costume, but I still think I captured some good stuff! We also planned to vlog, and we even started vlogging but...well, turns out I'm bad at remembering to vlog when I'm having fun!

Anyways, I have two posts of photos from my weekend coming up, and I do also have some things I purchased that I will be reviewing as well, so stay tuned for that! If you're interested in seeing some of the great costumes I saw, and a little glimpse into what FanExpo is like, then click through!

It's impossible to be standing underneath the CN Tower and not take this photo, I think. I'm pretty sure I take it every year!

Thursday, the convention opened at 4pm, but we were able to get in at 2pm because we had purchased advanced tickets. Those two hours where the floor is comparatively empty are so awesome, because it really allows you to get the lay of the land and see everything without so many crowds. It's a nice way to ease into the weekend!

 We headed to the back of the dealer's room where most of the big companies are located to see what they had to offer, and we started with the LEGO booth which is never a disappointment. This year was no exception! Check out this amazing statue of Groot and Rocket!

Or the amazing Smaug, complete with tiny little Bilbo. Do you see him?

There he is!

And Lord Business!

Thursday is a bit of a slower day, cosplay-wise, but we did still see some really great stuff! This Rocket and Groot were really awesome, and the Groot was completely in character. So cool!

Titan had a booth this year for the first time, and this was super exciting for me. I love the Doctor Who mini vinyl figures they do, and they had a ton of new ones on display that aren't out yet, which was awesome! They even had one of the new series, the Gallifrey series, for sale, even though they don't technically come out for three months. I definitely picked up a few of those and so did my husband, so stay tuned for my haul video to see some of those!

This is the Regeneration series, which has the various Doctors in their regeneration outfits. Usually it's the outfit of the Doctor that came before them, but there's one of the tenth Doctor in his pajamas that I will need to get my hands one! Plus that one of the new Doctor! Any other Doctor Who fans here?

And more cosplay! We saw this awesome manstag from Hannibal around all weekend, and I really loved it.

A friend of mine, Lola, dressed as Cosima from Orphan Black.

The Ninth Doctor, complete with Auton arm!

Yaya Han, celebrity cosplayer you may know from Heroes of Cosplay if you've ever watched that! She was a guest, and had a HUGE line every time we went by!

Another friend as another clone, this time Alison Hendrix!

There is so much to see at a big convention like this, and it can be really overwhelming when you're walking around. This is part of why going for a couple of days is nice, so you don't feel rushed or like you're going to miss anything.

Comics as far as the eye can see!

We saw lots of Disney princesses, of course, but I was surprised at how many Jasmine's we saw this year! This was the first one, and probably my favourite. She looked gorgeous! And Anna is lovely too!

And onto to Friday! On Friday, we cosplayed as the Belcher kids from Bob's Burgers. I'm Tina on the left, my husband is Gene in the burger suit, and my friend Jill from Talking Tiny Toys is Louise in the front. This was a super fun thing to do, since we usually fail at putting together group costumes.

A little further back in line on Friday morning, but we have a tendency to be chronically early, so we still got in really quickly!

If anyone here is a fan of My Little Pony, you might be familiar with Katie Cook who writes the My Little Pony comic book, and also does a lot of MLP art. I've been a fan of Katie for about 10 years now, way back when she was posting comics about her pets on Livejournal, so I love seeing her have this kind of success! I bought this four mini-painting from her, as well as a print of the exclusive variant cover of an MLP comic she did for this convention. I'll show the print in my haul as well!

A beautiful coronation day Anna.

Wild Style!

Love this Robin and Stephanie Brown-era Batgirl!

As usual at these kinds of things, the big companies bring previews of what's coming up. Here we have some of the toys for the upcoming movies Big Hero 6, and I got to have my photo taken with Baymax!

It's not con till you've had your photo taken with a creature from an upcoming movie, to be honest.

We spent a lot of time at this booth over the course of the weekend! They had the best prices and the best selection for FUNKO Pops and blind boxes, and those are two of my favourite things right now! I actually mostly bought blind boxes, and the majority of them came from here. It was like our mecca!

Loved this Invisible Man! Now that is commitment!

Saw a lot of Constantine cosplay this year, but this one was my favourite. His cigarette actually glowed as if it was lit!

You can probably find just about any t-shirt you could possibly want at this convention. There were multiple booths this big! I actually ended up with two of the official FanExpo shirts, the one that came with our passes and one other I purchased separately, which you'll see in my next post!

Loved the Boxtrolls booth! We ended up getting some great swag here later in the weekend, too!

Toothless and Snotlout!

It's not con till you've found a Waldo!

I did find a few of the Monster High and Ever After High SDCC exclusives for sale, but I couldn't afford the $150 they were asking. It was really awesome to see them in person though! I know I definitely want to try and get my hands on Iris and Manny in the future!

 One of the things I was hoping to see was someone dressed as the new Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan, and this girl made it happen! So great!

Another costume that requires some serious commitment, the Lady Cassandra from Doctor Who. Moisturize me!

Merida and Valka from HTTYD 2.

Columbia and Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

A zombie from Dead Snow.

Crowds moving between buildings on Friday. This can be tricky, but even on Saturday, the staff and volunteers did a pretty good job of keeping things moving as smoothly as possible with this many people!

Steampunk!Ariel and Ursula. I really liked this Ariel costume a lot!

I grew up watching the WWF, and Hulk Hogan was the first celebrity I ever met way back when I was about 7 years old, so I had to swing by and sneak a photo of him!

And the Mouth of the South Jimmy Heart! Brings back a lot of memories, haha.

"If you need me, I'll be down here on the floor dying." - Tina Belcher

That's pretty much how we were already feeling at the end of day two, but we still had two more days to go! We made it, because we're a stubborn bunch and if we pay for four days we are going to do four days, dangit!

Stay tuned for Saturday and Sunday's post which includes Pigs in Space, a TARDIS, Twin Peaks and more, and after that, I get to start digging in to some of the toys I bought and reviewing them for you guys! Hope you're excited, because I know I am!


  1. Wow, wish I'd seen that Ms Marvel cosplayer!


    1. She was really awesome! I've seen photos of others too, I'm glad people are embracing that book and that character, Kamala is great

  2. I wish I could have been there, looks totally awesome! :D

    And another DW fan here :)

    1. It was awesome! A very long weekend, but it's worth the blisters and sore feet :)

      Some fun DW stuff coming up in my next post!