Sunday, 3 August 2014

Now you see him...Monster High Invisibilly

Do you ever get that feeling that you just NEED to go to a specific store? Like a doll collector spidey-sense, telling you that something you want it just waiting for you on the shelf and you need to go get it NOW? Well, that happened to me the other night! My husband and I were going to the movies, and there's a big Wal-Mart across the street. We often stop there before the movies to get candy, and we do check out their toy section every time we're there. I've had luck there in the past finding things before they hit the Wal-Mart's closer to home like the very first Ever After High dolls, and this store came through for me again!

I rounded the corner into the Monster High aisle, and the first thing I saw was Scaremester Gigi. Whenever I see a new doll, there's always a split second of "wait..." before I pounce on the shelves, it's like it takes my brain a second to catch up! I dug through and found Twyla and Catty as well, and then allllllll the way at the back, all by his lonesome, was Invisibilly! I'm having pretty good luck with boy dolls lately, huh? Dexter and Billy both in one week! I was pretty excited to find Billy, because not only do I think his doll is pretty handsome, but I think we all know that finding boy dolls can be tricky and a bit like a wild goose chase, so it was nice to find him so easily, when I wasn't really even looking!

I'm hilarious!
Anyways, let's get on with it! Click through to actually see Billy (I promise!) and hear what I think!

I was pretty excited when I got Billy and didn't want to wait to unbox him, so these first photos were taken at 10pm. Excuse the wonky lighting! Nothing too exciting on the box, but I do enjoy his art.

I think he looks a bit mischievous which I love, especially when you read in his bio that he's into special effects and things like that. I bet an invisible guy could pull great pranks if he wanted to!

As always, if you want to see my first impressions of Billy, click on the video above! This was also filmed right when I got home with Billy, so I think my excitement comes through in my incredibly fast talking :P

So here he is, out of his box. He comes with the ubiquitous Scaremester folder, a bag-type thing, a diary, as well as a stand and a brush. Don't see a lot of boy dolls with brushes, but it's definitely handy for Billy! He has a pretty luxurious mane!

As per usual, not a ton in his diary since it's the international version, but it's still always nice to learn a little bit about these new characters!

I think Billy has a very handsome face! Maybe one of the most handsome faces yet in Monster High? He reminds me a bit of Slo Mo, but in a little but I'm going to do a comparison, to show off the differences. he has a long face with fairly pronounced cheekbones and a slimmer jaw. His brows are dark blue with grey lines to simulate hairs, and they have a nice, natural shape to them. His eyes are a pale grey, and his lips are left unpainted. This definitely adds to the otherworldly looks he's got going on! Billy's skin tone is kind of hard to describe. In a lot of photos he just looks white, but he's definitely not quite white. There's a slight blue-grey hue to his skin, and a little later in the post I'll have a comparison that I hope will make that clearer.

His outfit has a lot of pieces! In addition to the blue beanie on his head, he's wearing a black and blue hoodie, grey bag, white belt and capri length jeans.

The hoodie is really neat. It's cut from a piece of fabric that has a blue-to-black ombre with stripes, so every Billy's hoodie has the potential to look completely different! The front of my Billy's hoodie is black, while the back is mostly blue. Very cool, and it totally mimics how Billy might look fading in an out of view.

His "backpack" is really more like a utility belt he wears slung over his shoulder. It's made of translucent dark grey vinyl, and has a ton of pockets. He couldn't really fit any books in this bag, but I bet Billy's always got a pencil to lend you.

And of course, the folder. These are pretty unexciting, and this is going to go right in my accessory storage bin.

Billy is also wearing a silver necklace that I can't quite identify. It looks like a small bike lock? If you have a better suggestion, let me know!

He wears a bracelet on his right wrist that looks like looped cord, and a watch on his left wrist with a studded band that is permanently set to 10:58.

Around his waist he wears a wide white belt made up of large pyramid studs. His pants are capri-length jeans with a washed out and bleach splattered pattern. They have stitched fly and pocket details done in white thread.

His pants are capri length so that we can "see" his invisible legs! They're a light, milky blue colour that is very different from the clear parts of Spectra's limbs. They're done the same way though, with the skin tone sprayed over the top, and as you can see, my Bill has some paint defects on his leg from where he was tied into the box.

 On his feet he wears shoes that are definitely inspired by TOMS. They're mostly white with a few black accents at the toes. I actually love these shoes! I have a lots of TOMS myself, so that's probably why, but they're also a nice change from the sneakers and boots the boy dolls usually get.

Underneath his blue beanie, Billy's hair falls between his jaw and his shoulders, and he has side-swooping bangs. His hair is actually made up of quite a few colours; I can see black, two shades of darker blue, and the light blue that makes up the highlights. It is pretty crispy with styling product and cut kind of messily. I was actually going to give him a haircut, but I'm holding off for now since I did something else with his hair that I'm quite happy with for now!

Part of the reason I wanted his hair a bit shorter or at least pulled away from his face is because I love his little ears! His ears are definitely meant to look like the lobes are stretched, and I just love it. My own ears are stretched, so apparently I have a lot in common with Billy here!

The hat itself is sort of disappointing. It looks fine, but for reasons I don't understand they stitched it with a stitch that doesn't stretch, so it's hard to get the hat on Billy's head to start with and once it's there, it slips off if you don't have it in a good place. It also comes stitched to his head, but in a really weird place so watch out when you're trying to remove it.

With the hat off, you can get a better look at Billy's hair do which is...kind of nothing? Apart from the bangs it's just blunt cut all the way around, and I think some choppiness and layers would do him a big favour. His hair also gets a bit big when you brush it out, so I recommend a good wash to kind of get it back in place.

And here's that comparison I mentioned! You can see the difference in his and Mo's faces, and also that he's definitely not as blue-grey as Mo is, nor is he as white as Spectra.


Scarah also swung by for a quick photo op before Billy joined her on the shelf. I'm a sucker for getting the couples together, I can't help it! I'm a romantic at heart.


And then, it was time for Billy to hit the spa. I washed his hair and pulled it back into a stubby ponytail to let it dry. Once it was dry, I took the ponytail down and put his hat back on, and then basically shoved most of his hair up underneath it. It was tricky with the lack of stretch in the hem of the hat, but I'm really happy with how it looks! I think it looks a bit like Billy's original art before they revamped him for this release. It also has the added bonus of displaying one of his adorable ears I like so much!

Billy is definitely one cool dude, and I'm glad that he's joined my collection. I think he's interesting and well-designed, and his outfit is pretty "deluxe". In my opinion, Mattel didn't cheap out on anything here, and I think Billy is a winner.

What do you think? Are you out stalking the shelves to find an Invisibilly of your own, or are you going to give him a pass? 


  1. Haha I love that opening picture! Classic Invisible Man stuff right there. :D

    Billy is adorable, both in webisode and doll form. I really like how different all the male face molds are- there are even more diverse than the female characters, in my opinion. His hair might be a taaaad on the long side though, but I am terrified of messing with doll hair so he doesn't get a trim, at least in this household. His beautifully made clothes more than make up for the scruffy hairstyle- everything just gels together well. What really confuses me though, is why is he wearing a beanie with a hoodie? Is that strictly neccessary? How does one wear both the hood and cap at the same time?

    tl;dr patiently waiting for him to get here, can't wait to pose him together with my Scarah!~ <3

    1. I couldn't resist, I just had to do it! :P

      I agree about the boy's faces. I think they're only getting better as well. I'm not as big a fan of the earlier face molds since I don't think the boys personality's come through as well, especially with someone like Clawd, but they really are very diverse! I totally get worrying about messing up his hair if you tried to cut it! It is long enough to pull back into a stubby ponytail, and as I've done, you can shove it up into the hat to give the illusion of shorter hair, so it's pretty versatile even without a cut. I should have mentioned this in the review but it slipped my mind, the hood actually is too small to fit on his head's definitely not necessary. It's like Scaris Ghoulia's hood, it KIND of fits, but it doesn't look good.

      I hope you find him soon! He and Scarah are very cute together!

  2. Billy reminds me an awful lot of two of my old buddies. I generally hate MH boys, but him I could tolerate on my shelf.

    1. He is possibly the most...realistic feeling boy, which is odd to say considering he has clear feet! But of all the boy dolls, he definitely feels the most like someone you'd actually know, I think.

  3. I love Billy, and your pictures are inspiring me to get him. Must . . . have . . . Invisibilly . . . ;)

    I like what you did with his hair, too!

    (Also your blog is terrific!)


    1. He's definitely worth having, I'm really happy with him!

      And thanks! Both about the hair and your thoughts on my blog :)