Monday, 18 August 2014

Monster High Student Lounge

Well, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Or at least it feels like it! But I am back with a new review today, and news on some things coming up.

First, I wanted to share that I have recently started taking my camera along with me on doll hunting expeditions! Since I really like watching other people's doll hunting videos, I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring and try it out, and so far, it's really fun. If you'd like to check those out, drop by my YouTube channel and let me know what you think!

Secondly, at the end of this month, I am going to be attending FanExpo, a major convention here in Canada. On the off chance any of my readers are going to be there, let me know as I'm always up for meeting doll fans in person! Also, I'm going to be cosplaying as well as covering the convention for the blog, so there should be a few posts covering all the cosplay and other fun stuff that I get to see over the course of the weekend, so look forward to that! My friend Jill who blogs over at Talking Tiny Toys will be with me, and I think we're going to try to vlog as we walk around, and I'm pretty excited!

Lastly, if you do watch my doll hunting videos, you'll know that today I found a ton of new stuff, and came home with Holly and Poppy O'Hair from Ever After High, so look for a review of those two coming up soon!

Phew, okay! With all of that housekeeping out of the way, we can get on with today's review! Just a few days ago, August 13, was my 3rd wedding anniversary with my husband. And, well, he obviously knows me really well, because he got me the new Student Lounge playset! I'd been thinking about it since I saw it at Wal-Mart, so he went back and grabbed it! I just loved the look of the zombie foosball table, and the vending machine is too cute!

So click through to see all the details of this super fun set, and a video review of my first thoughts!

Here it is in the box! I admit that the fact that Slo Mo and Ghoulia are the ones pictured inside this set swayed me into wanting it. I just love those two so much! Ghoulia reading her Deadfast comic and Slo Mo counting his change for the vending machine? Stop it, they're so cute! I'm totally keeping the Ghoulia cut-out and cutting out the picture of Mo. Not sure why yet, but I'll figure something out!

 I didn't actually film myself taking this out of the box since it's a little trickier than a doll, but if you'd like to see my first thoughts and see some of the moving pieces of this set in motion, check out this video!

And here is the set and all it's tiny pieces. I really like everything here! Lots of fun little details.

So, let's start with a loveseat. I'm sure that in the world of Monster High they don't call this a loveseat, but that's what I'm calling it! The cushions are bright purple with a quilted spiderweb pattern, and the frame is black. I really like that this isn't just one solid colour, and even the black frame has a lot of studs and shapes and interesting detail. Even the back isn't left plain! It's a simple piece, but it's still really nice.

Ghoulia for scale! It's a good size for one ghoul to sit on alone, but it's the perfect size for two! Scarah and Invisibilly are currently sharing it on my shelf, and it's pretty adorable if I do say so myself.

Moving on to the foosball table! This was one of the items that pushed me over into really wanting this set, and I am not disappointed. It's about waist high on the dolls, and the base is black, with legs that look like stylized spiderwebs. There are spiderwebs embossed onto the sides of the silver body of the table as well. Spiderwebs are a running theme in this set, so get used to seeing them!

I LOVE the little foosball zombies! They had little faces, and they aren't all the same which is a really cool detail. The rods they're on actually spin and move side to side just like in a full-size table, and if you wanted to, you could totally play a real game on this,

The "floor" of the table is purple. with a Monster High crest in the centre, and a recessed area on each end that acts as a goal.

And into those goals, you shoot these! The set comes with two foosballs, which is good because they are just screaming to be lost. They're hot pink with a brain pattern imprinted on them, and they are very cute!

The final big piece in the set is the vending machine. It's really tall, nearly as tall as the dolls, and it's pretty impressive! The door is clear, and embossed with spiderwebs, and the rest of the front of the machine is hot pink, except for the green slime dripping from the top. Around the back, it's made of black spiderwebs.

At the bottom, there's a blue door that opens, and has three skullettes printed on it.

On one side of the machine there are raised buttons, a coin slot and a Monster High logo.

And around the side, there are three purple bolts that turn the shelves to drop the items into the tray at the bottom. If you want to see this in action, check out the video at the top of the post!

And now, onto the tiny stuff! We have what looks like an iPad-type item with a game on the screen, and a bright green laptop. I'm pretty excited about the laptop since Ghoulia always has her laptop with her in the webisodes, and now my doll has one too!

Next is the food! There's a bottle with cherries, a bag of "Piranha" crackers, two boxes of poison apple juice, two soda cans and a box of Crunchy Mouse Tails. Yum! My favourite is definitely the Piranha crackers, but I definitely enjoy the poison apple juice too!

And look how cute it all looks inside the machine! So cute, right? I really love this thing.

Slo Mo trying to decide what he wants, while Ghoulia looks up tips for playing foosball.

What, no Crunchy Mouse Tails?

Zombies may not move too quickly, but foosball is right up their alley!

Even though Ghoulia crushed him at foosball, Slo Mo still gladly shares his snacks with his best ghoul. Besides, maybe she'll teach him some moves!

So, that's the Monster High Student Lounge! Kind of a quick review and maybe not as exciting as a new doll, but I'm really happy to have it, and the pieces look great on my shelf, mixed in with the Coffin Bean. What do you think of the Monster High playsets? Do you collect them or give them a pass?


  1. That's really nifty!

    I have Ghoulia's scooter (That counts!) and I continually have a blast with it. I'd really like the catacombs!

    1. Ahh, the Catacombs! I really want that set, it is so cool. But it's huge and expensive so it might be awhile before I'm able to add that to my collection, but it's definitely the coolest looking playset I've seen from Monster High yet!