Sunday, 1 February 2015

Equestria Girls Slumber Party Pinkie Pie

Today, I'm reviewing something that I've never reviewed before, and something that I've never owned before! I have a fair number of My Little Pony toys, both from my childhood as well as from the new cartoon, Friendship is Magic. However, when Hasbro launched the Equestria Girls line, I was somewhere between underwhelmed and confused. What makes My Little Pony special, is that they're...well, ponies! Making them into human (or humanoid) characters kind of removes a lot of the magic for me, and to top it off, the original dolls were pretty...poorly made. They had peg legs, no articulation and painted on clothes, a hat trick of things I really dislike about dolls!

However, it does seem that Hasbro has learned from those early dolls and has started making a lot of improvements. The faces look better, the clothing is better, and they have articulation now! What finally pushed me over the edge from occasionally picking one up in a store to actually bringing one home, was the release of the slumber party line that ties into the new Rainbow Rocks movie. The line consists of two character, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie, and they both come with their pets. This was the final straw for me. Pinkie Pie is my favourite pony, and I LOVE her pet in the new cartoon, and adorable, kind of dopey alligator named Gummy. Seeing that this Pinkie came with a Gummy figure was all I needed to run out to the store and grab her and bring her home!

Click through to see more about Pinkie Pie and Gummy!

One thing that stands out immediately to me is how little the hair on the doll matches the hair in the art. Pinkie is known for big, curly pink hair, and even looking at the doll in the box, it's clear her hair isn't very curly. Other than that, I think she's a good match for her art, and I think the box design is pretty adorable!

If you want to see what Pinkie's hair looked like right out of the box, check out my video above. I washed it before taking any photos, so it looks quite different below than it did fresh out of the box!

And here's Pinkie, with Gummy Snap! All I did to Pinkie's hair was wash it in warm water and brush it out, and I'm surprised at how nice it is! There is a lot of hair on this doll's head, and it's pretty good quality. It's soft and thick, and although it doesn't have Pinkie's big curls, I think the wave that it does have is really nice.

Her face is pretty adorable! These dolls definitely look young, with the big wide eyes, but they're supposed to be in high school, so it works. Pinkie has pink eyebrows that match her hair, as well as pink lips and eyeshadow.

Under her right eye she has three balloons printed on her cheek, representing what would be her cutie mark on her pony version.

She also comes with a simple sleep mask, with closed eyes printed onto it. This is a cute accessory, but I question the longevity. The fabric is unhemmed or unsealed at the edges, and I can imagine that if you were playing with it and taking the mask on and off, it would fray pretty quickly. For my purposes, where she's doing to be displayed, it'll be fine, but something to consider if you're buying this doll for a child!

I think my favourite part of the doll is her outfit. It's adorable! It's a long, tunic-y top made of a soft blue knit, with sheer pink sleeves, and a matching ruffle. There's a big yellow bow at the neckline, and yellow and pink glittery balloons painted on the front. Underneath the top she's wearing little bloomer shorts in the same blue knit as the top, and trimmed with the same pink tulle ruffle. These are just the cutest pj's, and I would totally wear them myself! Don't they look comfy?

I also love her shoes! She's wearing tall slipper boots with a nice molded knit pattern, with balloons up the sides. The boots have a hidden wedge, and big pink bows on the front. I love slipper boots myself, so of course I love them on Pinkie!

What really impressed me about this doll was her articulation. She doesn't have wrist jointed, but she does have jointed knees and elbows. Her joints move really well and hold positions really well, and I hope Hasbro keeps up the articulation on these dolls!

This is seriously some good posing. She's not quite Monster High levels of articulated, but honestly, it's close and she's really fun to pose! Especially because Pinkie is such an over-the-op character, with a great face, I had a blast!

Also, I was so pleased to discover FEET! I think only the very first Equestria Girls released had peg legs, but that was a huge reason I wasn't into them. I just cannot handle dolls with peg legs, they weird me out. Plus, if you lose a shoe, at least you've still got a doll, but if your doll has peg legs and you lose a shoe? You've lost their whole foot! Not good, so I'm very glad that Pinkie here has feet!

And now, possibly my favourite thing about this set, Gummy! He is just so cute, and he even comes wearing a little night cap!

I'm really impressed with the quality of Gummy, too. He's totally solid and a little rubbery, and he has a nice weight to him. He looks just like Gummy does in the cartoon, right down to his wall-eyes!

And they look pretty darn cute together! This says a lot for Pinkie's articulation as well, that he joints allow to to bend enough to hold him, but are also sturdy enough to hold up such a heavy figure!

There's no party like a Pinkie Pie party, right? She never leaves home without her party cannon!

So that's that, my first review of an Equestria Girl! I don't think this is going to become a new collection for, since most of the dolls still don't grab my attention, but I'm very glad to see Hasbro improving the quality of this line. The original dolls seemed kind of like an afterthought, just meant to tie-in with the movie, but these definitely don't have that feel. Even though the dolls still tie-in to a movie, they stand on their own much better, and finally seem like a fully fledged doll line. What do you guys think of the Equestria Girls? Are they something you love, or something you can leave?


  1. She's quite cute - and what a great pet!

    I hadn't paid much attention to these dolls after hearing that the first series was articulated, so it's great to hear that they've made so many improvements to the line!

    1. Even though the first series didn't do much for me, I follow enough doll collectors on YouTube and other places that DO love the Equestria Girls, I've kind of been getting slowly pulled in. Plus, I do always like to look at the ponies in stores, and I can't help but pick up the dolls! I'm very glad to say that I'm impressed with this doll, especially with the knowledge that Hasbro is taking over producing dolls for Disney from Mattel in 2016. This makes me feel like they'll do a good job!

  2. Articulated Equestria Girls... that's a game-changer. EG had started looking cute-ish to me (possibly from seeing them everywhere so often that I've gotten used to them) but had been totally ruled out on the basis of limited articulation.

    Pinkie Pie is cute! I'm trying to decide what I think of the new Rainbow Dash in this line, as I apparently gravitate to blue dolls... maaaaaan, she is punk.

    1. The Rainbow Dash one IS super punk! I love the mohawk, but I'm not wild about the fishnets molded on her kind of ends up looking a bit diseased to me. They're definitely going in the right direction though!

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