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Disney Store's Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6

As soon as I saw Big Hero 6, I fell in love with basically all of the characters. One of my favourite though, was Honey Lemon! I thought she was just adorable, and I loved the science behind her "powers". If you haven't seen the movie yet, I won't give too many details, but I will tell you that you should definitely see the movie! I really enjoyed everything about it, and I walked out of the theatre knowing that I'd be adding at least a few toys to my collection.

As soon as I saw the Disney Store was making dolls of Honey Lemon and Go Go Tomago, I knew I had to have them! I love action figures, and as you'll see later in this review, I did pick up Honey's action figure too, but my heart definitely lies more with dolls these days. These two dolls in particular are pretty exciting, because they feel like a real departure for Disney, in terms of the kinds of dolls that they usually sell, and I'll go more into those reasons once I really get into the review.

Honey Lemon here was the last one in the Disney Store we went to, and my friend was nice enough to grab her for me as an early Christmas gift. I'm pretty sure there's going to be a Go Go Tomago under the tree for me on Christmas morning too...but that's a surprise! :P

Anyways, let's into this review, shall we? I can't stand it anymore!

I love this packaging! It's reminiscent of Baymax's armour, and I like how the back lists the features of the doll, kind of like how a game would list the skills of a character. It's cute, and it really goes well with the theme of the movie. But of course, we all know I'm not keeping her in this box!

If you want to see my struggle with getting Honey's helmet off, and with getting her purse to stay on her shoulder, check out my unboxing video! :P

And here she is, out of the box! I was so happy when I got her out of the box and realized she was as tall as I thought she was. It was hard to tell for sure in the box because of the way she was posed, but out of the box she is DEFINITELY tall. Getting her out of the box also gives you the first chance to get a really good look at her face, since her visor obscures it a little bit in the box. I think her face is adorable, and I really love her side-glancing eyes! We'll look at it a bit closer in a minute, but first...

Let's have a look at Honey's accessories. She comes with this purse, which looks exactly like the one she carries in the movie. Honestly, calling it a purse seems kind of like underselling it a's like a science-y superhero bag of tricks! She also comes with 6 of those little balls, which go in the top of the purse and come shooting out the back. This all makes more sense if you've seen the movie, I promise!

And of course, her helmet! It's mostly pink with orange details, and it's really nicely painted. The moving visor part also feels really sturdy and like it'll hold up well to play.

And finally, onto Honey Lemon herself! One of the reasons I love collecting the Disney Store's classic princess doll is that I think they do a really great job at "character faces", and each of the princesses really maintains their own personality, and Honey here is definitely no departure. I love her side-glancing eyes and her little smirky smile, I think it really captures Honey's character! She is sweet, smart, excitable and loyal, and she'd go to the ends of the earth to take care of her friends, and I really see that person in this face.

I also love the wait her features are painted. Her eyes and eyebrows have different tones and shades to them that almost gives her face a hand painted look. It's really nicely done! Her lips also have a lovely gloss to them that catches the light in a very pretty way.

One thing that surprised me about this doll was her hair. Not that I was expecting it to be bad or anything, since the Disney dolls usually have very nice hair, but the colour! It's definitely a lot redder than I was expecting, as I wouldn't have really called Honey even a strawberry blonde after watching the movie, but more of a golden blonde.

(As a side note, I wish the doll had come with Honey's big pink glasses! I love them!)

Even if the colour isn't exactly what I was expecting, I still like it. It's a nice mix of colours, and falls really nicely both with and without the helmet. Plus, it's soft and tangle-free, and brushes out beautifully.

Her outfit is really neat too. The armour is bright orange, and attaches around her sides with pegs so it's easily removable. It does limit her mobility a little, but I think it's worth it to have the actual armour and not just a fabric vest or something painted on.

Underneath the vest, she's wearing what looks like a dress over a long-sleeved shirt, but it's actually all one piece. The dress is bright purple, and the trim is a coral-pink. The sleeves are a deep burgundy-brown, and the belt matches the orange of the armour. She's also wearing leggings that match the long-sleeved part of the top.I really like these colours together actually. I love purple and orange together anyways, and I think the addition of the burgundy really makes it come together. It's unexpected I think, but in a good way.

Shoe-wise, Honey is wearing towering wedge booties in a shimmering burgundy that matches her sleeves and leggings.

See? So tall! They definitely add a lot of height to Honey's already tall frame, and I think they somehow manage to still look "practical", despite their height.

Next, I really wanted to know what was different about Honey's body. I knew she was a good bit taller than my other Disney dolls, but I wasn't sure how, so I grabbed Rapunzel off my shelf and did a little comparing.

Rapunzel may not have been the best choice, because she has the click knees and not the hinged knees like Honey does, but I think you can still tell where the differences are. Also, Honey's leggings are so tight around her ankles, I couldn't get them to slide over her feet, but I think you get the gist!

Torso-wise, Rapunzel and Honey are the same; all the differences in their heights comes from Honey's legs. Her lower legs in particular are a good bit longer and thinner than Rapunzel's, and there's some extra height in her thighs as well.

I think she actually looks quite lovely in Rapunzel's dress, but it's probably not her style. What do you think?

And before I sign off, I wanted to bring my Honey Lemon action figure to the party! These action figures aren't super articulated, but they're pretty cute, and decent representations of the characters. I especially like that Honey comes with a little base, because otherwise, she would never stand on her own, and she wouldn't be able to sit either.

I like how it kind of looks like Honey has her very own doll of herself, the scale is actually not bad!

So, what do you think of Honey Lemon? I have to say, I am super impressed with her, and my expectations were actually pretty high! I love the way that they changed her body to make her look more like the character, while still making it possible to exchange the clothes within the Disney line. I
love tall dolls and short dolls, and any doll that differs from the usual in some way, and Honey definitely fits that bill!

And I mean, you just can't beat that face. It captures the character so well, and it's adorable to boot. I'm so glad to have added Honey Lemon to my doll collection, as she really is like nothing else I have on my shelves. And that's saying something if you've seen my shelves! I can hardly wait for Go Go to join her, if she's even half as great as Honey is.

What do you think of this Honey Lemon doll? Does she fill a unique spot in your collection like she does in mine? And tell me what you thought of Big Hero 6 if you've seen it! I'd love to hear thoughts!

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