Saturday, 29 November 2014

Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur

Still working on getting back in the saddle, but I really am trying! I've got dolls scattered all over the apartment and videos that need to be edited or finished...Whew! I mean, too many dolls is a good problem to have though, right?

Anyways, I've figured out a way to take decent photos at night with my current set up, so I was able to take some pictures of Bonita after work one night to get this review up! Originally when the Freaky Fusion Hybrids were released, I was so excited about Avea and Sirena that I kind of gave Bonita a once over and then passed her by. Over the last few months, I've been seeing a lot of photos of Bonita and her cute face and gorgeous hair really started to win me over. Unfortunately, these dolls are pretty pricey up here, and she never quite made it to the top of my doll wishlist at her regular price.

Luckily, I was finally able to snatch her on a good sale for just about $22, and I'm definitely glad I did! Click through for more of this lovely moth!

Bonita's box is exactly like Sirena and Avea's, as well as the other boxes in the Freaky Fusion line. They're very cool looking, but so hard to photograph because of the funky angles on the front plastic! I do love the look of these boxes though, the lightning and the steampunk-inspired backgrounds are very neat.

As always, I filmed myself unboxing Bonita and giving you a few first impressions. So if you're interested in seeing Bonita in action, check it out! If not, keep on scrolling to the pictures!

So here she is out of her box, with all her stuff. She comes with a brush but no stand, as she can stand on her own like the rest of the Hybrids. The tips of Bonita's wings touch the ground and that gives her the sturdiness to stand on her own, as long as she's wearing her shoes. It works well, and you can pose her in a lot of different ways! She also comes with a diary, and mine came with a charm bracelet which seems to be a think Canadian Wal-Mart's are doing with this line. Pretty cool!

Looking at her adorable little face now, I'm kind of shocked I didn't love her from the very beginning. Her big eyes are so sweet, but still with that kind of creepy bug eye thing going on...and that's a good thing! Bonita here is the daughter of the Mothman and a skeleton, and looking at her here I definitely see more moth than skeleton, there's more skeleton lurking under her clothes. At first, I didn't really "get" her colour scheme, but then I discovered the rosy maple moth...

And suddenly all that pink and yellow made sense! Isn't that a gorgeous moth, by the way? Nature is cool!

And really, before I talk about anything else with this doll, I HAVE to talk about her hair! It's so long, coming down to her ankles in the ponytail, and it's just so soft and smooth. It's a lovely warm white colour with a streak of pink and black in the front. It's just beautiful hair, and I kind of want to take it down...I haven't yet, because I think the ponytail is lovely on her too, but if I was more talented with hairstyles, I could have a lot of fun with this much hair!

Her face is also just gorgeous. Her eyes are huge, even in terms of Monster High, and I love how the pupils are made up of little circles. It really gives her kind of an otherworldly, buggy look, especially when combined with her thick, full lashes. I don't know if I've seen another Monster High doll with quite this many lashes! Her lips are very much like Skelita's with the lines and the outlining, and they bring in the skeleton half of her ancestry well. She also has the cutest little moth ears you ever did see!

Her dress is pretty cool, and really has a lot going on. It's all one piece and mostly black, but there are a lot of details. The skirt is full and overlaid with a lacy overskirt, and the hems of both are tattered. We learn in Bonita's bio that when she's nervous, she has a tendency to chew on her clothes, so I like the tattered edges on the skirt, the sleeves and the patterning of holes on the sleeves as well. It's a fun little detail! I also love the pattern on the bodice and underskirt, with those bright splashes of butterflies all over the black fabric. It's so pretty!

Just a detail shot on the tattered edges and the lacy fabric. It's a neat lace, kind of like netting, and the pattern sort of vaguely reminds me of flowers somehow.

She's also wearing a big, bright yellow belt. The bit of it that goes around her waist looks like a spine, and there's a big butterfly where there might be a buckle. It's cute, but it can sit a bit funny on her waist because of her wings.

Accessory-wise, she has a cute hair piece wrapped around her ponytail. It's made of butterflies, and brings in a lot of the colours from her dress.

Her shoes, as always, are kind of amazing. i love the bright yellow colour and how they're all made up of cut outs. I'm not sure if they're supposed to represent something in particular, but I do know that they are very tall and very cool.

Her wings are gorgeous, and like nothing I've seen from Monster High before. They're obviously huge, nearly as tall as Bonita herself and about three times as wide as she is. They're pink at the top and fade into black at the bottom, swirling in elaborate patterns, the open spaces filled in with clear yellow plastic. We'll take a batter look at them in a moment, as well as look at how they attach to her back!

With her clothes off, it's a bit easier to see where Bonita's skeleton ancestry comes into play. She has skeleton forearms, as well as an exposed ribcage and spine. The rest of her body is all molded to look like the furry limbs and body of a moth. They did a good job of mixing these two creatures together, and I think that this was maybe the most challenging mix of the three Hybrids. Harpy and centaur, ghost and mermaid, those both have humanoid properties, and blend together pretty easily. Mothman (or moth) and skeleton? Seems trickier to me, and Mattel did a really good job of bringing them together while still making both halves of her ancestry clear.

Here's a bit of a better look at the wings off of Bonita's body. That white piece plugs into the big hole on Bonita's back, and it's a really secure fit.

As you can see, the wings don't work so well as a stand if Bonita isn't wearing her shoes!

And there she is, back in her outfit. I'm really glad I finally picked up this doll and finished my Freak Fusion Hybrid collection. She's completely adorable, and she looks really great together with Avea and Sirena.

Her sweet face is what finally won me over! There's just something special about her, I think. A lot of Monster High dolls are fierce, and I love that, but I think it makes the sweet ones stand out even more.

See what I mean about them looking great together? They all have such different colour schemes, but somehow manage to still coordinate well with one another. I love having them all together on my shelf, with Frankie in her recharge chamber!

And that's it for Bonita Femur! I know she's not new, but she's new to me, and I was excited to share my thoughts on her! Did you pick Bonita up, or did you pass her over? If you did, she might be worth a second look!

Also, thanks for bearing with me as I work out a new schedule. I have a lot of dolls waiting in the wings to be reviewed, so let me ask you guys. What would you like to see reviewed next? I have the We Are Monster High 5-pack with Gilda, Slo Mo, Scarah, Cleo and Lagoona, the Disney Store's Elsa, Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, and Dead Tired Robecca. I'm pretty excited about all of them, but let me know if there's one you'd like to see up next and I'll see what I can do!


  1. OOO! OOO! I love Bonita! ive been wanting her since she came out, but the 25 dollar price tag was a bit much for a doll and a diary. but after seeing this review, I having second thoughts. ok, im gonna order her right now! oh and also, can you review Honey Lemon next please?

    1. I think $25 is definitely fair for a doll with this much going on! You should totally get her :P

      And yes, I think I will! Honey Lemon is super cool, I'm excited to review her

  2. As I comment this, she's on a great sale on Amazon...I might have to get her. I love her real-life moth basis, and she's so perfectly macabre yet really beautiful. There's a bit of a dark fairy vibe to her, too, which is really neat.