Friday, 9 May 2014

Life in the Dreamhouse Nikki (plus her fashion pack!)

Today I've got a bit of a two-for-one for you! I finally picked up Life in the Dreamhouse Nikki, and I couldn't help but grab her fashion pack too, so I'm going to be reviewing all of that in one post. I've been seeing the Dreamhouse dolls around less and less, and seeing Nikki even less frequently, and I was starting to get worried I might miss out on her! She's the last of the Dreamhouse dolls that I really love and feel like I need, and she was the last on the shelf at Toys R Us, so I feel pretty good about my decision!

This will probably be a quicker review, since I've looked at a few of these Dreamhouse dolls before, but there will definitely be lots of pictures of Nikki's beautiful face!

Stick around to see more of the gorgeous Nikki!

Nikki's box is just like the other Dreamhouse dolls. I like that they include the images from the webisodes, it makes it easy to compare the doll to their cartoon selves! I think Nikki matches pretty well, especially once I got her out of the box and released her mane of hair!

And there she is! I love how colourful and fun her outfit is! It really matches the personality we see in the show.

Her outfit looks like two pieces, but it's actually all one. The top has cap sleeves, and is made up of brightly coloured stripes that dip down to intersect in a chevron pattern. There's a slight shimmer to the top as well, but it's not glittery. The skirt is a bright teal, and is box-pleated into a very full shape. I really love this look, it's bright and fun, and that shirt is adorable. I do wish it was two pieces, because it's always fun to have mix and match ability, but that's not a huge issue. She's also wearing a pink vinyl belt over her dress with a large gold buckle on the front. The belt is kind of an awkward size, and I think would work better if it was a bit larger to slip down on her hips a bit and line up with the waistband of the skirt.

She's also wearing a necklace in the same shade of bright pink, made up of three strands of beads. There are a few gold beads scattered throughout.

Her earrings are big gold hoops. Like the other Dreamhouse dolls, they aren't removable, but I do find them a big awkward as they're open in the back and get tangled in her hair.

She's wearing ankle booties meant to look like studded leather, and they're a light, slightly orange-y brown colour. They're less orange than they look here!

On her right wrist, she wears a simple gold bracelet. It looks like three stacked bracelets, two plain with a beaded one in between. This doesn't fall off like Midge's bracelet does which is a bonus!

Finally, she comes with a purse. It's a bright violet colour with molded gems on the front, and slight puckered fabric detailing around the seams. I don't really care much for these Barbie purses, honestly, they always seem to be lacking something.

Nikki's face is just gorgeous! Originally when I first saw her in stores, I thought that her features looked a bit big on her face, like her mouth was just a bit wide for her face mold or something, but I now see just how wrong I was! Her makeup is very natural like all the other dolls from this line, and she's just lovely. Her eyes are a beautiful warm brown colour, complete with long attached lashes, and combined with her wide smile, I can't imagine a much more welcoming or friendly face on a doll! Nikki definitely seems like the kind of girl you'd want as a friend.

Her hair can really only be described as luxurious. I was surprised when I got her out of the box with just how MUCH hair is on this girl's head! It's thick and soft with a nice wave throughout, and it's a lovely natural colour as well. It's a mix of dark brown and black fibres, which has a lovely shine.

As always with Life in the Dreamhouse dolls, Nikki comes with a second outfit. I think it looks like a miniskirt over a swimsuit. The bodice is a multicoloured leopard print with a pink ribbon halter strap, and the skirt is a glittery lilac mini in a thin denim-esque fabric. It's all one piece, and the difference in material from the bodice to the skirt makes it sit kind of funny on her waist.

It's not my favourite, and the skirt really limits her mobility. And that's a shame, when you think about how great the articulation is on these dolls! For more details on that, check out my review of Life in the Dreamhouse Midge.

I do love the top part of it though! If it was a mini-dress made all in that fabric, maybe with a slightly swingier skirt, we'd be in business!

Okay, now it's time to dig in to Nikkis fashion pack! I really love the fashions that they've put out for these dolls, the three sets that I have are all winners! I kind of bought Nikki just because I wanted to buy this fashion pack, and I'm weird about mixing outfits between characters.

The first outfit is made up of a one-shouldered peplum top and a pair of purple leopard pants. I really like the pants, and I wish I had another top for her to wear with them! This top is cute, but all together, I think it's a bit much.

Nikki does work it though! She's also wearing one of the pairs of shoes in this fashion pack, a pair of lilac strappy heels.

The colour is pretty on her! And it fits better than some of the other one-shouldered Barbie clothes I have, which is good. Raquelle's boobs always make a break for it in her one-shouldered numbers!

The fashion pack also comes with this giant necklace, which I don't think looks particularly good with either of the outfits, honestly. The shape of it doesn't really go with the necklines, and I think it competes with them both.

And this is the other dress! This is the reason I bought the pack, and it was totally worth it. The dress is made up of a sparkly lilac bodice and a bubble skirt with a geometric pattern mostly in shades of purple and teal. It's just so cute, and I wish I had it in my size! She's also wearing black ankle booties that came in the set, and I think they're perfect for this outfit. They give it a little edge that the purple strappy shoes wouldn't.

The colours on the skirt are so vibrant! And here you can see the detail of the stitching on the bodice, which really gives it a nice tailored look.

The final item in the fashion pack is this purse, which I think is really cute. It's a bright purple with a graphic geometric print on one side, and it's probably the best purse I've seen with these dolls.

And that's the lovely Nikki! She really is gorgeous, and is vying for the top spot as my favourite Life in the Dreamhouse doll.

Especially in this cute dress! She's definitely going to be wearing this for a while. I mean, when you look this good, you don't change, right?

And the Dreamhouse crew, all together! They're a pretty good looking bunch, aren't they? These dolls have really sucked me in, with all the personality in their faces and their awesome articulation. I don't feel the need for Teresa and Summer just yet, but I am eager to see if they release more dolls to go along with this line! Or more fashions, I would definitely be into more fashions if they're as good as these!

Next up, I have a review of Ever After High's Blondie Lockes, and I've recently obtained some vintage Jem and the Holograms dolls from various sources that I might do a post on, if people would like to see them. Let me know in the comments!


  1. I think Nikki is the prettiest of the Dreamhouse gang. The first two dresses look like they could be easily undone at the waist, hemmed separately and some velcro added to the skirt.

    1. I think she's the prettiest too, now that I have her in my possession! There's really something special about her. And I agree about the outfits, they could definitely be modded if I wanted to.