Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Scaremester: Jinafire Long

Scaris Jinafire Long was one of my favourite dolls released last year. From her vibrant hair, to her glowing gold skin and fabulously unique body, Monster High really took it to the next level with her. When it was revealed we were going to be getting another Jinafire this year in the Scaremester line, I was excited! I couldn't wait to see how they translated her Chinese culture into Monster High fashion this time, and she does not disappoint!

Let's have a closer look at this striking beauty!

Here's her box! I LOVE her little cartoon, I just think she's so adorable but fierce all at once. And look at how she's holding her folder with her tail! Now that is convenient!

And here she is with all her accessories. She comes with the standard diary and brush, a totally adorable red fan-shaped purse, and a red folder. If you have any School's Out, Picture Day or other Scaremester dolls, you've got a version of this folder. Okay, Mattel, I think we've had enough of the folders!

I'm still fiddling around with my photo situation and trying to figure out what's best, so bear with me!

If you read my post on my favourite Monster High dolls of 2013, you know how close to the top the original Jinafire was. And already, this new version is high on my list for this year! She's just as gorgeous, but just a bit softer. Perfect for starting at a new school!

Her face is just gorgeous! She has eye makeup done in bright shades of green all around her eyes, matching her hair as well as the bright green of her irises. The makeup is in kind of a wild shape, following her lashes and winging out on both the top and bottom. Her Scaris doll's makeup followed this shape as well, but in different colours. I love how she has the reptilian slit pupils too. She has insanely long eyelashes, and her brows are a soft red-brown colour. Her lips are a gorgeous wine colour that play wonderfully off of her shimmery gold skin.

Her hair is the same bright green as her Scaris doll, with black streaks throughout. A small piece in the front is pulled to the side and banded behind her ear, and the rest is pulled back into a side ponytail. There is a soft wave throughout the ponytail, just enough to give it some movement.

The pony is kind of loose, but it appears to be on purpose. It doesn't feel like it's going to fall out or anything, just that the hair isn't pulled back tight to her head. There's still some body and height to the hair on her head, and it makes it look a bit more relaxed.

Her outfit is pretty great. She's wearing a halter top in a washed-out green and purpley-pink flame pattern, trimmed with black and gold around the waist and the neck.

On her lower half, she wears pretty kickass pants! They're shimmery red jeans until about mid-calf, when they're embellished with a black and gold pattern that reminds me of a screen. The jeans themselves have small, distressed patches all over them. I love when dolls have pants, because it is kind of rare, but these have an issue that is really common in Monster High pants, which we'll get to.

HER SHOES. I mean, it's nothing new that Monster High dolls have great shoes, but these ones are really striking. They're a shimmery green that looks lit from within, and the heels are Chinese lions. There's a lot of detail in these shoes, and they really look great! They don't stay on her feet very well though, so beware of that!

Her top has a hole in the back of it to allow her tail to go through it and into her back. This Jina actually came with her tail already attached in the box, and I think this is the first doll with a tail I've bought that was packaged that way. Normally the tail is packaged behind them but not attached, but Jina's tail can basically turn to be completely flat!

This is the issue with the pants I was talking about. Because the pants are so small and the fabric is fairly thick and stiff, the velcro gets really bulky and never quite closes all the way. This causes a bit of a gap in the back, and generally, MH dolls in pants or shorts can't sit down without the pants sliding down or the velcro coming loose. Not a good look!

Accessory wise, she's wearing cute earrings that look like Chinese lanterns. On her left wrist, she wears a green pearl bracelet that matches the colour of her shoes. Simple, but pretty. Also, her ears are a really fun shape! They're long and pointy, with a delicate frilled edge.

Of course, I couldn't do this review without comparing Scaremester Jina to her only other doll currently on the market, Scaris Jina. I can totally see how Scaremester Jina and Scaris Jina are the same person, just pulling from different sections of their closet for different looks. Both are fierce as hell, but Scaris Jina has everything turned up just that little extra bit.

Scaris Jina's eyebrows are darker, as well as her lips, but her eye makeup is just a little bit softer, done in shades of brown and red. Her hair is much more "done", and she's really dressed to impress.

Scaremester Jina has toned her looked down just a bit to start attending Monster High, but she's definitely still making sure no one doubts her or overlooks her.

I'm so glad to see that Scaremester Jinafire more than holds up to her original doll! I can see the references to her Chinese culture in every aspect of her look, just like in her original doll, and she looks like she'll fit in perfectly at Monster High!

What do you think of this fierce dragon? Do you have a place on your shelf for her?


  1. I really do like NS Jina's clothing, but not as much her makeup or hair...I'm pleased that she has another doll, however!

    1. I think her makeup is definitely something people might not like, the green is a lot and almost mask-like but I dig it. Her outfit is totally the star though!

  2. I love everything about this doll. it was going to be hard to make another Jinafire as gorgeous as her original doll but I really do think Mattel pulled out all the stops with her. She's beautifully oriental without being overly sterotypical. I only wish they'd introduced a new colour to her hair, simply because Art Class Skelita did too, but I can live with this. :)