Friday, 10 January 2014

A new member of the family: Clawdia Wolf!

Today, I'm starting to go through my Christmas haul and breaking into some of the awesome gifts I received! First up is another doll from Monster High's Frights, Camera, Action line and new addition to the ever-expanding Wolf family, Clawdia Wolf! I wasn't sure about her when I first saw her, but she's really something different for Monster High, despite being yet another werewolf.

So let's have a closer look, shall we?

Her box is the standard FCA box, nothing new to see here. She looks a bit more glamourous in her cartoon than I think the doll does, but it's a very cute drawing!

Out of the box! She comes with an "iCoffin", a script labelled "Monster High", the standard journal and an adorable little pen that she can actually hold. The pen has a little peg on it that slides between her fingers, and it feels pretty sturdy once it's in there. I can't imagine a kid having it for very long though, it is very tiny!

According to her journal, she moved to Londoom to work on becoming a "scream writer", and she definitely looks like a very professional lady!

Her glasses come rubberbanded to her head, which is actually really nice. Often when these dolls come wearing glasses, especially large glasses like these, they're attached so tightly to their faces that they're left with dents in the vinyl of their heads. Also, glasses can hide flaws in the face-up, so it's nice that Mattel let us put the glasses on Clawdia ourselves!

And how cute they are! They're so oversized and maybe a bit ridiculous, but I really love how they look on her, especially with her big, toothy grin! Clawdia has the very first open-mouthed face mold on an MH doll, and I think it's really adorable. It gives her a lot of personality, and gives me a pretty clear idea of what I think she'll be like. It makes her stand out from the rest of the Wolf family too, which is fun.

Underneath the glasses, she's wearing deep red eyeshadow to her crease, and a pale yellow above there. There's an even paler shimmer underneath her eyebrows, which are very dark, and a bit thicker than I'm used to seeing on Monster High dolls. Her lips are a nice, almost natural red colour, a very "wearable" kind of lipstick.

Her hair is BRIGHT YELLOW. Like, Crayola yellow. It seems like a bit of an odd choice to me, especially with her outfit, but it's definitely fun. It's curled into ringlets, with the majority of it pulled back into a low pony. Two tendrils are left loose to frame her face. It's a nice, simple style that looks professional, and goes with her image as an aspiring scream writer.

Her outfit is a nice mix of professional and Monster High fashion. She's wearing a red blazer with black trim, and it's a really nice piece! It's well-made and well-fitted, and she looks ready to impress! Underneath she's wearing a black and gold dress with a tribal inspired pattern underneath, which we'll get a better look at later. As for accessories, she's wearing a studded black bracelet on her right wrist, and a very chunky gold necklace. I can't quite figure out what shape it's supposed to be in, but my best guess is a moon? Or moon inspired anyways.

Down below she's wearing bright red knee socks and gold heels. The shoes have slightly curved heeled and are studded around the top of the foot. Very cute, and versatile!

See? Versatile! Take off the jacket and the socks, and Clawdia is ready for the night out! To hit the black carpet perhaps?

The dress is a simple sheath style, but the metallic gold of it with the black pattern on it really makes it something special. It definitely looks like something someone from the Wolf family would wear!

She's pretty cute without her glasses too, but I have to admit I really do love them!

So there she is, all dressed back in her jacket and socks! She definitely stands out on my shelf of Monster High dolls. Less fashion focused, but no less put together, and I like it!

Now, I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to do a little line-up of the Wolf family as we currently have it. I'm lucky enough to have each character's signature version, so I used those! The Wolf family also happens to represent each of the body types Monster High has released so far: Clawdeen, the standard body; Howleen, the little sister body; Clawda, the big sister body; and of course, Clawd, the boy!

Here we have them lined up from oldest to youngest, which also happens to be tallest to shortest. You can also see the nice variation in skin tones represented in this family!

I like how this shot shows the different facial expression they all have too. Clawdeen looks fierce, Clawdia is super friendly, and Howleen is just a little softer than Clawdeen, just a slight smile. Clawd looks awfully pensive to me. I have a hard time with the boys very chiseled, almost stern faces since none of them are anything like that in the webisodes and movies. They're getting better with putting more of the boys personalities into their faces lately though!

How about just the girls now?

Aaaaaand all together once again!

Where can I get some of these Wolf family genes, right? Pretty good looking family here, fangs and wolf ears or not!

So there we have it! Clawdia may not be the most exciting doll to ever come out of Monster High, but I think she's a really great addition to the line. I love the use of the new smiling face mold, and I always love getting more dolls in the varying body sizes! In the future, I'd really like to see more siblings of the characters we know and love too. We've got the big Wolf family, Cleo and Nefera, a few Werecats...but I'd love to see more!

What do you think of Clawdia Wolf? And let me know which guy or ghoul from Monster High you'd like to see get a sibling! I'd love to see a sibling for Ghoulia, myself, or maybe Jinafire or Skelita. The options are almost endless!

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