Monday, 25 November 2013

Frights, Camera, Action: Meet Elissabat!

When I first saw pictures of Elissabat, I wasn't really sure how I felt about her. She was definitely CUTE, but I thought she looked a lot like Draculaura, just done up in different colours. Having her in my hands now, her face is still familiar, but she has enough charm to stand on her own for sure!

Her box is basically the same as Honey's, the same new smaller size, featuring her cartoon on the front and back. I think her cartoon self is adorable!

She comes with a diary, a trophy, and the cutest little DVD case you ever did see. Elissabat is on the cover of the DVD as well, which is a really nice little detail.

In her diary we get to learn a little bit about Elissabat, her acting, and even more interesting, her failed coronation. It sounds like a pretty cool story, and I hope we get to see it in the movie. I'll never get over how much goes into the background of these characters, and how detailed their world is. Very cool!

And here she is! Isn't she sweet? Her style is very reminiscent of Gothic Lolita style to me, sweet and dark all at the same time. And I love the purple and black together, it's a lovely combination.

Her face is very sweet and open, her pale pink skin set off with lilac eye makeup and a deeper purple lip. It's nice makeup, and I like how it makes the deeper pink of her eyes stand out.

She has the same pointed ears as Draculaura, and has two piercings in each lobe. Her earrings are very simple, just solid purple drops. 

I like the purple and black mix of her hair as well, from a distance it almost just reads black, but it's like there's a shimmer to it when the light hits it. Pretty! It's a nice soft texture, but there was some gel around the part, especially in the front. I'll probably wash it to get out the residue and then it'll be great!

Her outfit is really just adorable! She's wearing a black and purple dress with a ruffled skirt and purple tulle peplums over her hips. There's corset style lacing on the front, and a gathered purple bodice. Over top of that she has a cool jacket thing that's a bit like a reverse shrug. It closes in the back, and I actually thought her outfit was one piece till I noticed the separate velcro! I like the dress without the jacket, but I think the jacket really makes it special. It has a cool abstract pattern, a high neck, puffy sleeves and purple ruffles at the cuffs.

Her boots are pretty cool, and go with her ruffled skirt perfectly. They're solid black with molded ruffles and bows. As with Honey's shoes, I wish some of these details had been painted, since they do kind of blend in to the background and get lost.

Her last accessory is a tiny translucent purple bracelet, which is a heart with bat wings that wrap around her wrist.

Next, I grabbed a Draculaura and stood them next to one another. We're definitely getting a mistaken identity story in this movie, right? Because their faces are pretty much identical outside of the details of their faceups.

I feel like Elissabat may be a TOUCH paler, but it's hard to tell both in photos and in person. Or maybe her skin is a slightly cooler pink? Something also makes me think that Elissabat's eyes are slightly wider, but once you've stared at dolls for a certain amount of time, things stop making sense.

I brought a more recent Lala to the party too, just for fun, but didn't notice anything remarkable. They do look cute together though!

So, what do you think of Elissabat? Is she too similar to Draculaura to join your collection, or does she have that something special all on her own? Personally, I'm glad I went for it and picked her up, I think she's adorable!


  1. I like Ellisabat I think she will definately add something to the monster high line. I imagine her to have more elegant, lacy and darker clothing lines than Draculaura who has to accomodate her trademark pink colour into most of her outfits.

    1. I think that's a great way of thinking about it! She makes me think of Draculaura once Lala grows up a bit and her style matures

  2. I love the outfit and the purple, but there is nothing about this doll that can't be replicated from an old Draculaura. At 55$ that it costs in my country, I'm going to pass. I wish Elissabat were more b/w like the first leaked blurry picture. If she were less colourful, I'd be having second thoughts about the 55$ :)

    1. That's definitely fair enough, especially with higher prices! I would love if MH did another black and white doll, I love my SS Frankie!

  3. I own an Elissabat myself and I must admit that while she's cute and all, she's rather boring. Out of all my MH dolls, she's the only one that only has two colors for her entire attire, and when I put her next to my other dolls, she looks out of place.

    Also, never touch her bangs! Mine came with a wonky hair, and I tried to fix her. Her bangs are rooter in a way that's impossible to leave them in their normal way once they lose the gel.

    Not 100% fan of this one to be honest.