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Boogie down! Monster High Dance Class 5-pack

I've been wanting the Dance Class 5-pack since we first saw pictures of it, because Gil is one doll I missed out on that I regret! I honestly don't remember seeing his Skull Shores doll on the shelves here, but I wasn't as deep into collecting then as I am now, so it's definitely possible that I missed it. Anyways, I finally found one of these bad boys at a local Target, and on sale even, so I snapped it up!

I took a lot more pictures of Gil than I did of the girls, so forgive me for that, but I was excited! And with the exception of Rochelle, the other three girls have been around for awhile. Let's get into it!

This is the first 5-pack I've ever bought, and I have to say, it felt humongously decadent to be walking out of the store carrying this monstrosity. 

Their cartoons on the back are so cute! I love how Rochelle is getting DOWN.

Gil! He's everything I hoped he would be, I really like all of his details once I finally got him in my hot little hands.

He has a lot of similarities to Lagoona in the details, like webbed fingers, and the fins on his arms and legs, with one added one down his spine we'll see a bit later. He also, obviously, has a helmet over his head which is easily removed.

I really love his face. It's so wonderfully unique, and he looks very thoughtful to me. His nose especially is fascinating to me, I love the ridges down the side. Really makes him look more monster-y! Also, how cool is his "hair"? I love the swoopy fin mohawk!

With the helmet off, you can also get a better look at the gills on the sides of his neck. This is also when I noticed Gil has no ears!

He looks a bit angry from this angle, don't you think?

Since Dance Class is a budget line, Gil's outfit is really simple. He wears a tank with a swirly bubble pattern in shades of blue and aqua, mid-length grey sweats with an aqua hem, and black sneakers.

The sneakers have a cool lightning bolt pattern on them that's meant to look like stitching, and a jagged wave pattern around the sole.

Each DC doll also comes with a large bag, like a gym bag. Gil's is black with a wave pattern on it. Simple, but thematically appropriate.

Gil's body is pretty standard for Monster High boys, with the exception of his body mods. With his clothes off, you can see the scale pattern on his chest and the fin down his back. I did find that he seems to have more trouble standing than any of my other boys, but I can't figure out why that is. I'm thinking his ankle joints might be a little loose?

Either way, I'm so happy to finally have him in my collection, and so is Lagoona! But more on that later...

The other doll that is exclusive to this set is Rochelle Goyle. This version of her is actually really beautiful!

I think Rochelle generally has a very serene, beautiful face, and this doll is no exception. I love the pairing of that serene expression with her light aqua eye shadow and lilac lips. This is a different look for her and I love it!

Her hair is pulled into a perfect high ballerina bun. It's a bit messy in the back where the hair is fastened, but the overall look is great!

Her outfit is simple, like all the DC dolls, but it fits the theme very well. Her purple leotard is patterned with fleur-de-lys, and some swirling black patterns that resemble wrought iron. her skirt is just a simple elastic waist number but the black and white striped pattern is graphic and effective! Her gym bag is light pink, and embellished with a similar scroll pattern to that on her leotard.

Her shoes are ADORABLE. They look like ballet shoes with socks or something, if ballet shoes had sky-high platforms! I love the little bows on the ankles, and these shoes are seriously just darling.

Next up, we have Robecca! It's about time Robecca started getting more dolls, her steampunk style is really well thought out and attention-grabbing.

I think Robecca has one of the prettiest faces in the MH world, there's just something about her! I love her gear shaped eyes and angular eyebrows. I also like the touches of purple they've started adding into her design, like her lipstick here. It really stands out against the warm, shimmery copper of her skin. Her hair is the standard Robecca mix of black and blue, gathered into a high pony on one side. It's perfect for dancing!

Her tiny tophat is probably my favourite thing about this doll, it's such a perfect little detail!

Her leotard is blue, with an all-over pattern that resembles clock faces on old buildings. It has an interesting high neck, which is a nice way to reference Robecca's old-timey roots even in this simple outfit. Her skirt is a medium purple with a fairly simple pattern of lines and dots. It's ruffled all along the edges and faux-fastened with a bow on her hip. Her purse is super cool, covered all over in gears and pipes and all sorts of wonderful steampunk-y goodness!

Robecca's shoes close-out the steampunk vibe, with the soles being made of gears, as well as featuring gears on the front of the bows. There's a lot of detail in these little shoes!

Next up, we have Operetta. Honestly, if she didn't come in this set I wouldn't have bought her, but that doesn't mean she's not cute! She just doesn't necessarily stand out to me among other Operetta dolls.

I do like her purple gingham headband though, I like her colour scheme a lot.

Sticking with her 50's inspiration, her leotard is covered in dice. Her skirt is similar to Rochelle's in style, but has a spider web pattern as well, and her purse is covered in music notes.

Her shoes are sort of saddle shoe reminiscent, with the black toes and the laces, but the piano key soles make them stand out.

Finally, we have Gil's leading lady, Lagoona! Lagoona dolls do tend to be a bit same-y in my opinion, but they're all beautiful! Don't fix what's not broken I guess!

Lagoona has a really beautiful, soft face. Between her large eyes and her light pink lips, she looks very sweet!

Her leotard is covered in an all-over coral pattern, and her overskirt is a sheer teal tulle with a swirling black and pink pattern over the whole thing. She also wears a bracelet made of bubbles that match her shoes, which we'll get to in a moment! Her bag is meant to look like a scuba tank, and I think it's pretty adorable! Her and Robecca's bags are my favourites in this set, they have the most personality.

Lagoona often has really great shoes, and these are no exception! On her feet, they resemble ballet slippers, but they have winding vines of coral that wrap up her legs to the knee in a lovely bright red-pink colour. Very cute!

So that's everyone! I should've grabbed my Dance Class Howleen and thrown her into this photo as well, but I didn't think of it. One thing to mention is that DC is a budget line, which means none of the dolls in it, including the 5-pack come with stands. These are borrowed from some other ghouls for the pictures. I wish Mattel would include stands with all of the dolls like they used to, but especially these Dance Class dolls! Awfully hard to make them look like they're dancing if they can't even stand up, you know?

Overall, I'm pleased with the set, but Gil is definitely still my favourite part of it! I think Lagoona would agree, don't you?

Look how cute they are! I have to admit I've become a sucker for having the boy dolls, because not only are they really nicely designed like all Monster High dolls, but I also like to think my ladies like having their fellas around. Doll collecting really does mess with your mind, but I can't say I care!

Did you pick up the DC 5-pack to get your hands on Gil? Do you wish Mattel would make the boys dolls just a bit easier to get you hands on? I know I do!

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