Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Life in the Dreamhouse Barbie

Today, I have yet another Life in the Dreamhouse doll for you, but this time, it's the lovely Ms. Barbie herself! Thanks to the Wal-Mart clearance section, Barbie joined my collection for $10, which is definitely a more than fair price for how nice I think these dolls are.

I'm excited to have an actual Barbie in my collection for the first time since I was a kid, so click through to see more!

If you read my reviews of Midge and Raquelle, this box is going to look very familiar! They're bright and fun and eye-catching, and they really stand out, even on the crowded Barbie shelves.

And Ms. Barbie herself! I'm only going to say it once, but she is VERY pink. Pink pink pink. That said, she's Barbie, and I would expect nothing less. Nothing wrong with pink and glitter, right?

Her face is very recognisably "Barbie" to me. As someone who hasn't collected Barbie's in a very long time, I can't say if this is a specific face mold or anything (like Midge uses the Steffie mold), but I definitely look at it and see Barbie. Compared to Midge and Raquelle, she has a bit of a wider jaw, and overall I think she looks very friendly. Her makeup is light and natural, and her bright blue eyes take pretty much all the focus on her face, especially framed with those long, thick lashes. Her lips are a soft pink, and she's giving a big, toothy grin!

Accessories-wise, Barbie is playing it relatively simple. She has dangly earrings and a two-strand necklace in a lovely shiny silver. Just like Midge, her earrings are not removable which is a really nice feature on a play doll, actually. Those tiny earrings are awfully easy to lose, even as an adult!

Her outfit is a one piece dress with silver spaghetti straps, and a sweetheart neckline. The bodice is a hot pink with holographic shiny dots all over it. They look like little rainbows! The skirt is pretty simple, just three tiers of light pink, with a slight shimmer.

She's also wearing a simple silver beaded bracelet that matches her earrings and necklace.

I'm pretty sure a picture of these shoes would be found under the dictionary entry for "Barbie". Light pink, bows, gems on the toe straps...these shoes have everything!

Her last accessory is her purse, the same pink as her shoes, with a big quilted bow on the front. It has a cute slicer chain strap, and she can wear it fairly easily on either her wrist or her shoulder. I'm not much on doll purses generally; unless there's something really special about them, I usually feel like they get in the way, so I store them away. This one is already in my bag of Barbie accessories.

Her hair is Barbie's signature platinum blonde. It's pretty nice hair, thick and fairly soft, but it definitely has some frizz going on, and some roughness at the ends. That's all fairly standard for blonde doll hair though, really. Style-wise, it's simple and pretty. Side-parted with the front pulled back and under the rest of it, it's back out of Barbie's face, but there's still a lot of play value in brushing it or styling it yourself. I like it!

So, that's Barbie as she comes out of the box! She's really cute, and so stereotypically Barbie that I can't help but love her. And I can hear her webisode voice coming out of her mouth, which makes her even better! Seriously, that show is worth watching, especially if you've ever enjoyed Barbie.

I mean, come on. There's a reason we've loved Barbie for so long, look at that face!

As with the other dolls in this line, Barbie comes with a second outfit. It's a short dress that reminds me a little bit of a figure skating outfit!

It has a halter top, with a soft, abstract pink pattern on it. The skirt is pretty full, and features a pattern of overlapping bows.

It's cute, but I definitely prefer the original outfit. I'm glad to have it though! The extra outfits are one of my favourite things about these dolls, really ups the value for me.

The dress does have cute movement though!

And I mean, she's Barbie. Nothing looks bad on her!

I thought I'd get all the Life in the Dreamhouse ladies together for a few photos! Raquelle and Midge are both wearing outfits from their deluxe fashion packs.

You can really see the difference in the shapes of their faces here. They're all gorgeous, but I love how different they look.

Uh-oh, Barbie and Midge, careful what you say! You never know what Raquelle might be planning...

So, there's Ms. Barbie! I think she's completely adorable, and I'm very glad to have her. Can't have a Midge without a Barbie, can I? I have to say, I'm really loving the high articulation and high quality of these dolls. I'm considering picking up a Nikki if I see her on sale, but I think I can pass on Teresa and Summer...I think. I'm also fairly sure that there isn't a second line of dolls coming in this line, as all the characters are starting to appear in other lines, like the new Glam Luxe Style dolls.  I love that they made deluxe fashion packs for each of the characters as well, since I find Barbie fashion packs tend to be pretty specific to her, and it's nice to add some more outfits to the closets of my other girls, who might not be so into pink and sparkles.

Basically, I'm so glad I gave these dolls a shot! They've pulled me back into the world of Barbie, but I can't say I'm sad about it. They have a very worthy place on my shelf!

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