Saturday, 15 March 2014

Finally! Ghoul Spirit Slo Mo!

I'm just going to cut to the chase here...I found Slo Mo! I've been searching for weeks, checking all the local Wal-Mart's, and popping into Toys R Us whenever I could. But on Friday, we had to head to a mall in a nearby city to replace our cable box, and decided to check out a few other stores, since we were up there. We went to Target and found nothing, then the same at Toys R Us. Then, my husband suggested we check the Real Canadian Superstore (which is like a mega grocery store kind of thing up here) since in the past, I've had good luck finding harder to find new dolls there. We went down the Monster High aisle and there was an employee stocking the other side, and carts full of stuff in front of the MH stuff...I pushed one of the carts aside and saw the Ghoul Spirit dolls, and as I bent down to get a better look, I could see Slo Mo's arm all the way in the back! It's entirely possible I squeaked, pushing the other dolls aside with shaking hands to grab him!

This is maybe the most excited I've ever been to find a single doll, and I hurried to the cash like someone was going to rip him from my hands. When we got outside, my husband said "Let me take a picture of you with him for your blog!" So, enjoy that photo, and one of Mo's cute face, and then click through for the rest of the review!

Here he is in his box! It's basically identical to Spectra's, except of course, it has his cartoon on the front and back instead of hers. Out of context, it looks a bit weird that Mo is holding the number, are you hashtagging something there or what? Also, look at his little personalized skullette on the back with the swoopy hair! So adorable!

I love this cartoon too! I think it does a good job of bridging the webisode Slo Mo we're familiar with, with this new doll version. I just love him blowing on his little flag!

And out of the box! I couldn't wait to get my hands on him haha. It feels like I've been searching for him FOREVER. I know it hasn't been that long, but time has no meaning when you're searching for something you really want!

As a very budget line, Ghoul Spirit dolls are really spare on accessories. Mo has no stand, and comes with just this pink Monster High pennant. The design is printed, not a sticker which I like, and it has a handle that makes is very easier for Mo to hold.

What really makes Mo something special to me, is his sweet face. He looks kind, and I can definitely see humour in him, which is perfect! He has deep turquoise brows, that have a texture on the inside that almost looks like brushstrokes. His eyes are surrounded with a deep grey colour to make them appear sunken. His eyes themselves are a very pale almost mint green, close to the colour of his lips. I often think painting the lips of the boys doesn't work out for the best, and almost makes them look made-up, but with Mo being a zombie, the slight blue-green hue to his lips is perfect!

As for the shape of his face, it's totally different from any other Monster High boy we've seen yet. His face is long and narrow with pronounced cheekbones, and a cleft in his chin. His nose is fairly large, with a very realistic shape to it, especially from the side.

 From the side, Mo's face is also shaped a bit like a crescent moon. It helps to make his eyes look even more sunken. Also, he has slightly pointed ears which is an interesting detail. Ghoulia, the other MH zombie, has regular human ears, and I don't think Mo has pointed ears in the webisodes. It's neither here nor there for me though, really. I think the ears are pretty cute.

In these angle you can also get a good look at his hair! The bulk of it is a mix of light and dark blue, but mostly the darker colour. It seems to me that his hair is the same colours as Ghoulia's but with the percentages backwards, with hers being mostly the light blue. The perimeter hair is gelled straight up, and I basically can't get enough of feeling the top of it. It's bouncy and soft!

His outfit is kind of a simplified take on his webisode clothes. He wears a maroon Monster High t-shirt and blue shorts make of a thin, cotton-y material. I wish he was wearing the letterman jacket he wears in the webisodes, but interestingly, Heath is the only doll to come wearing that jacket, despite the fact that many of the boys wear them regularly! I'm considering trying my hand at actually making Mo a jacket...I'll report back if I do!

On his feet, he's wearing black sneakers, styled after classic Converse. They have a skullette embossed on the heel.

And the soles are imprinted with a brain pattern! This is a nice little detail that's mostly hidden, but makes these shoes Mo's.

There's nothing new about Mo's body mold, but I thought I'd take pictures anyway. He's a uniform shade of cool grey, a totally different shade of grey than Ghoulia, actually!

Basically, I'm a bit in love with him.

 And he's pretty happy to join the group too!

Of course, I couldn't do this review without bringing in Mo's lady, the lovely Ghoulia Yelps. Ghoulia's been my favourite character and doll since before I ever watched the webisodes, and that played a huge rule in how much I wanted to get my hands on Mo.

You can see the difference in their skin tones here! Mo is very cool-toned with an almost blue cast to his skin, where Ghoulia is a warm grey, with definite yellow undertones. I like the difference!

Aren't they just too cute?

The couple that cheers together, stays together!

 Does Monster High have a mascot? I actually don't know... Go Monster High Go!

 Aaaaaand, pose!

I will admit, that as much as I love Slo Mo, I found it a bit more difficult to come up with poses for him...

The standard "hand on the hip, over the shoulder" pose I do with all my ghouls...doesn't quite work for Mo!

He's trying to show you his muscles, but it kind of looks like he's dancing?

And now he's a little teapot, short and stout!

That's more like it, keep it simple!

He's very proud to be a Monster High student, and really, who wouldn't be?

I'm so happy to finally have this guy in my collection! His face is full of personality, and he's just so sweet! With Heath and now Mo, I think Mattel is really working on making the boy dolls look more like their webisode selves, but also giving them as much personality as they give the girls. I think the earlier boy dolls, especially Jackson, don't quite resemble themselves as much as they could, but when I look at Mo, I definitely see the humour and the character that I'm familiar with from the webisodes.

And Ghoulia sees it too! She certainly hasn't been pining away for Mo, but she's just as happy as I am to finally have him around :)

Isn't it a great feeling to finally find something you feel like you've been looking for forever? I know sometimes the looking is better than the finding, but not this time! Mo is sitting next to me on the end table right now, and I'm still just as happy to have him every time I look over and see him there. I'm sure the shine will wear off eventually, but it hasn't yet!

Have you ever gone on a major hunt for a doll?


  1. Slo Mo is so cool B) I just love him. He makes me smile every time I see him :)
    I wish MH boys had some decent clothing, not always just shorts and beach sandals and stuff, but jeans and long pants and hoodies and jackets. I've been waiting forever for a letterman jacket for Clawd :). Mattel should do fashion packs for boys with basic outfits.
    I was quite happy with Hunter Huntsman's outfit, I wish Monster High boys would get similar outfits fitted for their styles, not the same old shorts and t-shirts, but proper outfits!

    1. Yes, Hunter's outfit is amazing! There are so many details and it's all really well made. A fashion pack that had a letterman jacket and a pair of jeans would be awesome, i would buy that in a second! The early boys like basic Clawd and Jackson do have great outfits, and it looks like Picnic Casket Jackson is going to have a good outfit too, so it's totally possible. Hopefully Mattel will get the message soon that we want letterman jackets!

  2. I am trying so hard not to be jelly. I am failing. :< Still, it looks like almost everyday someone or another has managed to find him, so hopefully it's only a matter of time before he comes to Amazon at a reasonable price...

    Glad to see Mattel trimmed his hair a fair bit from the prototype we saw at NYCC! That really made him look like an aspiring eighties boy band wannabe.

    Also your lighting is really nice this time around! Congrats on finally finding the right mix! :D

    1. It's such a right place, right time kind of thing! Someone on an MH Facebook group I'm in was at the same store the night before and there was no sign of Mo, so I just got lucky. I think he'll start turning up more and more soon! Someone contacted Mattel, and apparently he's going to be going out in his own case, so hopefully that's true, that would make a huge difference!

      His hair is my favourite, every time I walk past him I have to touch it haha.

      Thanks! I've found something that works, though it's not an elegant solution :P